scrog for multiple plants

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    Skunk Specials in RDWC under the Vivosun VSF6450 - Flower day# 49
  2. B

    Let's talk about my grow

    Hey everyone so I want to show y'all my plants and start a discussion. Rather than posting a wall of text telling you all about my process and the set up I use I will tell you the essentials, ask a few questions and then have you guys continue the discussion with any questions you have for me...
  3. OGeMann

    Calling all scroggers

    I have 3 that are 20 days old from seed. I have some questions?? They are autos 1: when is a good time to put under the net 2: is it necessary to train 3: do I tie or weave through the netting?
  4. Curbcalamity

    Curbcalamity's Cheese & Critical+ 2.0 CMH Drain-To-Waste 2020

    Firstly. Sorry I'm from a country were we use metric. I have almost no idea how many CFM 1m³/h is or galleons and fluid ounces and so forth so you'll need to convert the values yourself. ***EDIT*** I went and converted all the values as i figured most of us would be to lazy to do it :P any...
  5. Autofacade

    Glookies, Echo Thrive, Monster Crop

    Ok guys so firstly welcome to my I think 3rd grow journal picking up advice and tips over the last 2 years! Hopefully I may have just got there this time round! WARNING I DO WAFFLE A TAD. This is the first grow I can do indoors no limitations so it's all game on the only thing stopping me is if...
  6. Santa Lebos

    4 Light Rotation Compact Grow

    The Setup a 6'x6.5' toilet transformed into a 3 light rotation. bottom area for flowering cut into 2 sections. The right side is split into a lower and an upper compartment. i have a build a custom closet for it. Adjacent to this toilet is another tiny room leading to the toilet. Which is 4.9' x...
  7. P

    Grow Room Tips & Advice

    Hey All! First time poster here. I've been doing some research and have some questions I was hoping the experts could shed some light on (full pun intended). I'll give some background info first. I've been starting to plan my first grow (for personal use), and will be setting up indoors...
  8. lxstnr

    My First Grow Journal - 4x4 736W Soil Grow

    Hey all, just thought Id journal my current grow. New to the grow scene and if completed this would be my second complete indoor grow. currently my plants are around 1.5 weeks into 12/12 and are just showing the little baby bud sites.
  9. H

    First scrog attempt - Help needed please!

    ok so going into my 2nd grow ever and am gonna attempt to scrog this time around but need some advice and guidance pls! built my own frame using some leftover junk found in the garage and originally set up the netting spacing to be 2"x2" but got stoned and ended up drilling more holes and...
  10. C

    ScrOG! 600w hps 5-plants with pics

    Hello there everyone! This is my third attempt at growing some beautiful buds! I have been dabbling with cfls inside and done a couple outdoor grows. So Im going with the ScrOG technique to hopefully get as much bud per watt! I would love feedback since I'm definitely still a beginner. The...
  11. NOCO Farmer

    NOCO - Coco Loco - Tahoe OG - ScrOG - 2014 Grow Journal

    I am starting this grow journal for tips and for any help this might serve to anyone one else. The following information covers my grow: What strain is it? Tahoe Og (Under a SCROG) Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages? 60% Sativa/40% Indica Is it in Veg or Flower stage...
  12. 4twenty4all

    Introducing FLO and Jillybean

    I'm just one week into flower and at the last minute decided to do a journal. I got two clones from my good friend. These are awesome moms of DJ Short's FLO, and Jillybean. They are very different looking plants but finish at the same time. Both produce very dense, stinky, and sticky buds. They...
  13. F

    SCROG? and Damn Flies! Help please

    Hi all Currently attempting my first SCROG grow , and im looking for a little advice on what to do next. My plants are just popping through my screen. Iv just switched onto 12 hours on and 12 hours off. I know that SCROG is basically training the plants , but im a little unsure on what...
  14. F

    SCROG - Any advice greatly appreciated

    Hi All Looking for some advice on SCROG'ing. My grow tent is 80cm x 80cm x 160cm Im using a 250w HPS dual spectrum light, and 4" extractor fan and intake fan. i also have a small desk fan in the base of the tent circulating air. I am still awaiting my clones but thought i would get the...
  15. BornTo420

    My First Grow - Seven Lovely Ladies With SCROG

    Here are some answers to the question I grabed from the guide lines: Will upload a gallery and post URL soon. Thanks for your views and comments. What strain is it? ANSWER: I have no clue; I stored seeds about 18 months ago in a sealed container in a cool dark place. I got bored...
  16. W

    Wicked Nurse's DWC OG Grow summer 11

    First time grower! So about ten days ago I got 4 rooted OG kush clones, which I believe are hybrid, no idea percentages. I have them under a 125w CFL supposedly dual spectrum hydrofarm light, so far 24 hours a day. I'm a little iffy from what I've read about whether or not I'll significantly...
  17. Icemud

    1st Medical Grow, 3 Strains in 2x4 Hydrohut

    First off I would like to say thank you to all the growers who have shared there information, research and secrets on this page. I truly have learned an incredible amount of information from your site and look forward to learning even more. With that said, this is my first post, as well as my...
  18. wtfruthinking

    SCROG Set Up Possible for 12 Plants?

    I currently have 12 plants in Veg stage (approx 3 weeks). I really want to use the Scrog method but it looks like it can be used for one to two plants. Has anyone done this before?? I'm using the drip system..
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