Current Grow Two 1000 Watt HPS - Grape Ape & OG Kush


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Lights: Two Sunleaves Sunspot 6" Air Cooled Reflectors And Two SG 1000 Watt Switchable Ballasts
Fans: Haier 5200 BTU Mechanical Control Air Conditioner, 6" Exhaust Cooling Fan, and 27" Oscillating Tower Fan
Nutrients: Flora Nova Grow 7-4-10, Flora Nova Bloom 4-8-7, and Bud Candy
Soil: Black Gold Potting Soil Plus Fertilizer
Pot Size: 3 Gallon Pot
Water PH: 6.0-6.8
Strain: Grape Ape And OG Kush
Veg: 1 And 1/2 Weeks In Vegetation Stage
Flowering: 8 Weeks
Number of Plants: 16 Under Each Light
Temperature In Room: 70-77 Degrees
Grown From: Clone And Cloned Using Home-Made Eazy Cloner And Clonex Gel
Watering Schedule: 1st Watering Fresh Water, 2nd Bud Candy And Water, And 3rd Watering Nutes And Water
Each pot is getting 1.5 liters of water about every 3 days

There going on there 3rd week of flowering. Grape Ape looks wonderful about 2 feet tall and the Og Kush looks sad from nute lock due to high ph in my water and some overwatering but i took care of it and it should be looking better within the week. I also had a problem with spider mites early on in first week of flowering but i bombed the room and haven't seen any since. I will be posting pics in my gallery and on this thread. Let me know what you think and any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks.


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re: Current Grow Two 1000 Watt HPS - Grape Ape & OG Kush

I could tell from the leaves. I would say a few here a few there but selectively do it. you do not want to take too many since these leaves also carry energy to the buds of the branch its on. Your looking good though man keep it up.
you will most likely need a pH 7 solution and a pH 4 solution to calibrate your pH meter. do not let the tip of the pH meter dry out, either get storage solution or use pH 7 solution to store in.
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