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Hey everyone. Here is another grow jornal i want to share with everyone. In my flower tent I am currently growing with a 1000watt HPS extra extra large hood. 6 in inline sucking air out and 4 in. inline pushing air in. In my veg tent i have 1 125 watt flouressent and a 6 light T5 Hood which is about 180 watts. I am growing 6 strains right now, Kushage, Pineapple Chunk, G13, Northern Lights, AK48, Purple Jack Kush. I am flowering in hempy buckets using Blue Planet Nutrients. And my mother plants are growing in happy frog soil. I live in Arizona and it's in the middle of summer so my temps are a little higher than id like but there averaging about 80-90 in my grow room. I am doing a SOG grow using mostly 1 gal hempy buckets, i also got a couple of 2L as well. So welcome everyone, please ask question and comment when you want. Thanks for checking it out. Here are some pics of my setup.
I have been using BPN nutes and started them off very light for the first couple weeks but now i'm on full strength. I try to keep the P.H at 6.0. I water once a day usually about 6-8 oz of water. I'm still trying to figure out my feeding schedule but so far I've been just feeding. Here are some more pics. Let me know what you guys think.
Everything is coming together very well i think. Some buds are already coming together nice while others are taking there time. My ak48 stretched more than twice any other strain i have. G13 bushes out pretty nice and northern, purple, and kushage are all looking amazing. thanks again for checking out my journal. I'm all caught back up with my journal so for now on i'll try to get on here frequently and let you all know the progress.
So like I've said before I'm growing 6 strains and i figured it would be nice to break them down for you guys. So far I have a couple favorites and a couple I probably won't grow again.

Purple Jack Kush is a hybrid between jack herer x purple kush. There isn't too much info out there about this strain so i'll try to add as much as I can about it. My buddy gave me a clone for some help i did for him. It really is an impressive strain, it has out grown every other strain so far and the tricomes and bud sizes are very impressive. More info as it comes

Here is AK 48 which is a cross between Ice and Jock Horror. It is Indica (65%)/sativa (35%) and has about a 15% THC level. It takes about 7-9 weeks to flower. Nirvana seed bank is where i got this seed from. I herd very good things about this strain but I don't know if I will grow it again. It stretched more than double any other strain and I'm not very impressed with this strain so far. I don't know if I'm just not feeding it right but i was forced to super crop the tops of my AK 48 because they grew so tall. So anybody with height restrictions I don't recommend this strain. But I still can't wait to see what these buds turn into.
G-13 is a very strong strain of cannabis indica that is the subject of many urban legends. According to some accounts the CIA, FBI, and other agencies gathered the best strains of marijuana from breeders all over the world. It defiantly looks like an amazing strain. The buds haven't quite came together yet but the plant itself looks very impressive. It did branch out like a bush more than i expected. They are very sturdy branches so they should be able to hold up the buds later. It flowers in 6-7 weeks and it is a Indica so it gives a very couch lock high.
A cross of OG Kush (mother) and S.A.G.E. (father), Kushage buds are extremely dense with an unbelievable amount of amber-colored trichromes. Most patients who attempt to break apart this bud will find that it sticks almost uncontrollably to their fingers, much like her mother. It takes about 10-11 weeks to flower. Kushage is Sativa (60%)/indica (40%) and is breed by TH seeds. I love this strain so far and can't wait to see what it turns into. It is by far the stickiest plant already. Tricomes are incrusted all over this plant and its only week 3. I defiantly suggest this strain.
Type: Indica-Dominant Hybrid, NL #5 [Afghani variety popularized by Neville Schoenmaker in the 90’s, the #5 is thought to be the only non-hybridized version of the strain, as it was never made available in seed form by the original breeders] x AK-47 [blend of Columbian, Mexican, Thai, and Afghani genetics, from Serious Seeds], this cross may have come from Joey Weed Seeds, which sells a NL #5 x AK-47 in seed form. There isn't a lot of info about this strain either. I picked this strain up as a clone and the guy told me it was a northern lights/ak-47 hybrid. It is one of my favorites and looks like its going to produce a large harvest. So grab a chair and watch this baby grow.
Pineapple Chunk has been a strain I have been growing from the begging. It is an amazing strain from Barney's Farm and it produces big potent buds with amazing flavor. It is a very hard strain to clone which is why I only have 1 flowering and I had to order a new seed. I lost my last mother and ordered a new seed and unfortunately the phenotypes are so much different it makes it look like a completely different strain. The mother I have now grows 3 branches at every node instead of 2. And the leaves are half the size of my last mother i had. I hope the buds are the same because I absolutely love the flavor and head high I get from the buds. Only one way to find out is to grow it till the end right lol.
Hey guys

Today is day 28 since the big switch to 12/12.

G-13 is still off to a slower budding start. It seems to have spent a lot energy growing into a bush lol. (did not expect that lol)
Kushage is amazing and already a decent size bud full of tricomes. (I love this strain so far)
Northern lights is what i imagined they all would grow like. Branch a little but not turn into a bush. (very happy with this strain)
Purple Jack Kush is soooo amazing already. The buds are dense and decent size already lots of tricomes. (my favorite)
Pineapple Chunk is looking good, coming along alright. (kinda bummed about the new mother I have but its all good)
AK48 is a interesting strain, it's hard to explain. (Probably good for a scrog type grow but stretches to much for a sog grow imo)
Here are some pics i'll try to get some more personal ones in the next couple days.
Your 2nd to last pic the plants in the back look crispy or frail looking. Are they ok?

lol yeah they seem to be, i super cropped them a few time in hopes to slow down the stretching, this is the first and last time i grow this strain due to this stretching it does. It also grows kinda funny while vegging. I'm just growing it out all the way to see what it turns into out of curiosity. Its ak-48 i ordered from single seed company. Like I said it seems to be ok but i'm still pretty new to this.
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