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  2. N

    First Grow: Auto White Widow & G-13, Indoor, Soil

    I have a tread open for this but I figured I would redo it and start it off differently. What Strain is it? Auto-White widow Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? You guys know What percentages? N/A How Many Plants? Have 4 all together but only 2 of the WW Is it in Vegetative or Flowering Stage? Veg...
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    Emerald Triangle Seeds G13 x Blueberry Headband
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    Emerald Triangle Seeds G13 x Blueberry Headband
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    Emerald Triangle Seeds G13 x Blueberry Headband
  6. G

    Need help on plant id

    I bought these clones 3 weeks ago. 2 of each: GSC, GDP, G13 and Utopia Haze. All are growing nice except my "Utopia Haze" pic attached. Other pic is other plants...GSC, GDP, and G13 H. According to plant charistics of Utopia that I have researched this plant isn't Utopia H. The plant is 12"...
  7. S

    Looking for reliable information on the strain Pineapple Express #2 by G13

    Hi, I'm looking for a strain which gives me a high yield and a short time till harvesting. Found the strain Pineapple Express #2. G13 gives the following informations: Pineapple Express by G13 Labs Seeds is impressive but here we are with improved version of this amazing plant. Highly...
  8. Emilya Green

    Emmie's Breeder's Run #2 - Chocolate Cheese x Blowfish F2 By Santero

    Surprise! I have two sets of seeds going now from Santero! I have also started 5 of these to go along with the other Blowfish cross... This cross is Chocolate Cheese (Medina Cut) x Blowfish F2 male Blowfish of course is the G13 cross we talked about before and should be providing a lot of...
  9. OlllllllO

    Indoor Grow - Gavita Pro 1000e DE US - FoxFarms Ocean Forest

    :rollit: Whats up everyone, my name is AJ I'm new to the forum and will be documenting my current caregiver setup and looking forward to learning what I can from you all! My current set up is in a 500sq Garage Converted. Lighting: (6) Gavita Pro 1000e DE US [Veg/Flower] & (2) LEC 315 Light...
  10. R

    Male or female?

  11. 420Brother

    Brother's Winter Grow - Still Doing That - G13 - Amnesia - BB & WW

    Hello friends, it's that time again. first of all i want to formally apologize for what happened last time, i wrote all about it in my old journal for anyone that's intrested in knowing about it. Now, let's get to the juicy parts. i'll be doing 9 plants, 4 varieties. 3x G13 haze 3x...
  12. sshamish

    Super Silver Hamish Saying G'day

    hey guys just wanted to pop in and introduce myself, medicinal cannabis has saved my life and i think its time to start growing my own meds, i have a mars hydro 192x3w reflector series and some g13 x amnesia haze so ill be starting a scrog indoor journal soon, hope to see you guys...
  13. E

    CFL Closet Grow - Mr Nice - G13 x Hash Plant

    So welcome to my first blog! Before I begin, let me first say that this is my own personal grow and my ladies are for my own consumption. I cannot afford to sustain my daily intake purchasing it from others and as it is illegal in the UK, I am forced to go deep underground and grow my own...
  14. cross1420

    Cross1420 Equals Happy

    Hey everyone. Here is another grow jornal i want to share with everyone. In my flower tent I am currently growing with a 1000watt HPS extra extra large hood. 6 in inline sucking air out and 4 in. inline pushing air in. In my veg tent i have 1 125 watt flouressent and a 6 light T5 Hood which is...
  15. D

    LED Pineapple Express Redux

    Hey guys. First grow I messed up by drowning my seedlings. Learned, and round 2 is going well. Lets pick up where my first grow left off.. General Hydroponics PowerGrower Eco (modified to add 3 airstone feeder lines) 3 5" aquarium airstones 2 pumps (1 small pump to feed the drip ring, and a...
  16. K

    G13 Clones and SSH mothers - LED/HPS

    So in my last journal I grew some SSH clones and due to having to move, continued to veg them to this day. They are now about chest high and I've been using them as mothers but I plan to flower them soon along with some of their clones. I've got some G-13 clones about 2 weeks ino their preveg...
  17. crazy horse

    G-13 Gigabud & SLH Journal-Crazy Horse

    :welcome: G-13 LABS- 'GIGABUD' FEMINIZED Variety: Indica / Sativa Mix Harvest Date: September/October Flowering Period: 5-6 weeks THC Content: 15% Yield: HIGH Characteristics: MONSTER BUDS G13 Labs Gigabud has compact monster buds covered with fat, thick resin. Gigabud is...
  18. M

    G-13 Labs Poison Dwarf Auto-flowering

    Note: I looked around ALOT on auto-flowering strains for some decent info but can't find much. I plan on buying these seeds & growing them in cheap soil bought from walmart, in a cut open 2 liter bottle, & i plan to setup a fairly strong but small (8x8 in.) florescent light over 4 plants (18...
  19. H

    Barneys G13 Haze newbie journal

    Hi everyone just recieved my seeds today, just waiting for them to pop will have pics of the ongoing process very soon looking for any advice or just want to see my progress anything goes. :rollit: Has anyone here tried this strain and if so how did it go for you, is it a nice smoke.....etc...
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