1. scrumpdilly

    Scrumpdilly's First Time Grow - AK48 & White Widow Autoflower

    Hey everyone. This is my first time growing and I will be growing white widow autoflower and ak48 autoflower. One of each. Germinating via the moist paper towel in a Ziploc bag method, planting seedlings in solo cups with 50% FFOF and 50% potting mix, then transplanting to one gallon jugs with...
  2. Obi Wan

    Obi's AK-48 - A Grow Journal & Review

    Grow info: What strain is it? Nirvana's AK-48 Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? Hybrid What percentages? Unknown Is it in Veg or Flower stage? Seed Indoor or outdoor? Indoor Soil or Hydro? Hydro What is in your mix? Perlite and Vermiculite 80/20 What size pot? 3.5gal 13.24L Size of...
  3. Zogrowsgreen

    Zo's Cage Of Green - ZCOG Hydro Grow 2.0 - AK48 - Nirvana Seeds

    Alright Guys Here We Are beginning my Second grow and this grow should be much better than my first grow, now that i have the learning curve and first grow mistakes out of the way for the most part its time to grow some medical grade cannabis. This grow will be a bigger and better version of...
  4. F

    Nirvana AK48

    Hii everyone! Im on my first grow of AK48, I vegged em for 4 weeks and tried my best to keep em short! Using cfl bulbs of total 350 watts all together, i flipped the lights to 12/12 and noticed two very tiny white hair poking out of the calyx on the top nodes on the 6th day, Its been 3 days...
  5. Zogrowsgreen

    Zo's First Grow 5x5 - AK48 - Northern Lights - Aurora Indica - Nirvana Seeds - 2016

    Hello All, Welcome to my first Grow. Thanks for viewing and feel free to leave feedback along with tips and help with mistakes i may make along the way, Im here to learn and spread love. What strain is it? 1 plant Ak48 / 1 plant Aurora Indica / 1 plant Northern Lights - Nirvana Seeds...
  6. NoobGrowUtube

    Please help - AK48 plants browning

    Fan leaves are browning at the tip/turning up and feel crispy. and seems to be moving up the plant. With the same browning at the tips.. Roots are slightly brown and im pretty sure its not nute stained. Temp=75 RH=50% Nutes=400 and i just changed the reservoir 3/25/16 when the problem was...
  7. paintedbudman

    AK48 Auto In Coco Loco - CFL - 2nd Grow By Paintedbudman

    Started my new Grow. Placed 4 AK48 autos in a paper towel to germinate. Planning on doing 4Coco Loco soilless grown with FoxFarm Nutes. I will take pictures of the new and improved grow chamber later and post them . That is mainly what is new in this grow. I am planning on getting an LED grow...
  8. M

    First Grow CFL - AK48 Auto - Pineapple Express Auto - Coco & Perlite

    Hello guys. So i have been reading a lot, specially on this particular forum and other good weed guide websites. The place i am growing in is not accessible to alot of the stuff used by normal growers in states or canada or uk. So bare with me and would appreciate all the help i can get ...
  9. P

    Original Grape 48

    When I walked into my living room, I was almost knocked over by that delicious grape smell and I knew there must be a huge bag of buds sitting open, but when I looked around, I only saw this tiny little bag that my daughter was enjoying a morning bake from. Wow, that aroma is powerful, and it...
  10. rippsta

    Rippsta - First Real Grow - AK48 Feminized - 400W MH/HPS - Soil

    :welcome: I'll be starting a grow journal for my first "real" grow (I did a small CFL grow a few years ago but nothing serious). I've spent a lot of time reading through other journals and i've learned a lot. So I hope my journal can help someone in the future/and i'll be able to get help from...
  11. G

    AK48 Autos

    AK48 AutoFlowers x 5 - Nirvana Seed Soil Grow General Hydroponics Grow, Micro, and Bloom (.25 dose) 3 Weeks Veg Under T5 6500K x8 Texas Outdoor Grow after Week 5 (80-95 deg F)Day (53-65) Nighttime Planted Sept 5th x 5 First Report - Oct 13
  12. J

    JBoozer's 1st Grow - Nirvava AK48 - Top Feed Capn Style - 600 Watt HID

    Hey Folks, I'm a new member here and just started my first grow! Here are the details: What strain is it? Nirvana AK48 Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages? Indica/Sativa Mix Is it in Veg or Flower stage? Veg If in Veg... For how long? 5 days If in Flower stage... For how long...
  13. I

    Confused - Coco - AK48 12/12 from seed - 4weeks In

    Hi all, This site has been really usefull for me when trying to diagnose my plants or compare them to other peoples :). So i wanted to make my own grow journal. First ill explain the grow; Strain - AK48 (Nirvana) (5 plants) Indoor/Outdoor - Indoor Light - 600w Dual Spectrum HPS Soil or...
  14. Rhodeislander

    Rhody's Castle Seeds Project

    Hi all, Well this is kinda my second indoor grow, and second journal. I have 5 in vege from clones currently in the first journal. So here we go: Seeds from Castle (sponsor) THC bomb 2 seeds Prozac Shark Widow Northern Lights Low girl AK48 They were all germinated in a paper...
  15. J

    AK48 Nirvana - 250w - Organic - Secret Jardin 60

    Third grow coming up, had som problems with my last white rhino but turned out pretty good after all =) But wanted to get one better, so i got me some AK-48 Seeds from a friend. Setup. Secret Jardin 160X60cm 250w MH And HPS Organic soil with ph 6.5 Nutes Bio Biz Grow/bloom 3 ladies...
  16. cross1420

    Cross1420 Equals Happy

    Hey everyone. Here is another grow jornal i want to share with everyone. In my flower tent I am currently growing with a 1000watt HPS extra extra large hood. 6 in inline sucking air out and 4 in. inline pushing air in. In my veg tent i have 1 125 watt flouressent and a 6 light T5 Hood which is...
  17. 4

    Virgin Grower - Badboy Lights - Fox Farms - LST - Nirvana Seed

    Ok, so here goes. I haven't smoked in over 25 years . I recently decided to try MJ for pain relief from several blown out disc in my neck but really didn't want to deal with the street, safty, quality etc.. So after several discussion with my other half we decided to grow it for ourselves...
  18. Joesoap

    Nitrogen deficancy in my ak48 babies?

    Hi everybody i have 2 week old ak48s that are getting very light green in the new growth and a tiny bit on some of the older leafs.They are just about to outgrow their pots and all i have been giving them is ph'd rainwater as i live close to a water treatment plant and the ppm is crazy in my tap...
  19. kailpot

    Coco / AK48 / SCROG

    Great to be part of this fine community and even better to have my first grow in about 10 years underway :slide: Thanks for lots of valuable information provided by some top growers...I've been following lots of grow journals, and am looking forward to some advice from whoever feels like it...
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