Original Grape 48


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When I walked into my living room, I was almost knocked over by that delicious grape smell and I knew there must be a huge bag of buds sitting open, but when I looked around, I only saw this tiny little bag that my daughter was enjoying a morning bake from. Wow, that aroma is powerful, and it smells so good, I couldn't help endulging. Original Grape 48, originally called Purple AK48, is a strain you will remember always.

Strain Name - Grape 48 (aka Purple AK48)
From - New420Guy
Price - $200 oz.
Type - Sativa hybrid
Appearance - Light green with orange hairs, a little fluffy and very frosty
Smell - Very loud grape aroma
Taste - Delicious, so good you want to keep on toking even when you know you're already baked
Type of Buzz - Instant cerebral high with one or two hits. It just mellows you out quickly and gets your mind going into that creative thinking mode.
Length of Buzz - About 4 hours
Best Medicinal Use - Insomnia, appetite enhancement, stress, depression
Overall - If it didn't taste and smell so good I would just stay in that mode but I always overdid it with this strain, and I always got couch locked, serious munchies and eventually crashed for at least an hour.

Original Grape 48
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