PotChimp's Pineapple Express Soilless Grow

Gave all the plants another feeding and Mega-Gro application yesterday. They are looking healthy so far, but still show no signs of sex. I also had to replace one of the Wild Thailand seeds (the regular one) for my next grow because it was a dud. I had a feeling it was a bad one because it was half the size of a good seed and almost black in color. It didn't cost a lot, being a regular seed and not a current top selling strain (about $5.00 maybe?), so I'm not out too much. I decided to go with a Raspberry Cough (fem) as a replacement because it has the same traits the other two strains do (100% Sativa, approx. 11 week flowering cycle, THC content can be up to 22%). I was going to use Hawaiian Maui Waui, but it has a lower THC content and a shorter flowering cycle. Besides, I want to do those two along with the two 2046 medical seeds I have (four plants; a double harvest in one grow with both strains). I'll post more pics soon.
I had to do another replacement for the next grow. One of the Panama fems opened up, but :rip: 'ed. The tap root was brown at the tip, so I have to take full responsibility for that one. It must have gotten dry, which would have led to a stunted plant anyway if it lived. I think I am going to have to submerge this Miracle-Gro Seed Starter Mix inside a sheet of cheesecloth for a day to saturate it from now on. It is hard to saturate (almost seems waterproof, as funy as that sounds), but once you get it good and soaked it holds water normally. If you don't, it dries quickly and I think that's what happened. This seed was half sized and light too. I replaced it with an South African Kwazulu (fem) this morning. THAT seed was small and pale, with a faint image of tiger striping on it. We'll see. I am looking forward to doing a seed crop when I find the strain I am looking for so I don't have to deal with the weak bean situation anymore (I don't mean to sound like a whiner, but I think I probably have purchased about 100 seeds from various seedbanks, gotten about 150 freebies, and probably 30% of them look "iffy"). That's a lot of cash flow to be getting duds.
Everything else is looking okay still. I'll try to get pics up later when I get time.
Day 56 (from seed):

Just starting to show a little.

I think I'm going to put these specimens into flowering this Friday. I need to do a thorough cleaning of my flowering closet (the last crop in it seeded and I need to make sure that all the 1024 hermie pollen is gone) and tweek it a little (relocate the inline fan outside of the closet to gain some growing area height). The seedlings for the next grow have all sprouted; the Panama is looking a little rough but should pull through.
Day 63 from seed:

I should probably swing my way across the island and find me a witch doctor for this next grow; I'm getting bad mojo on it. ;) So far two of the four seeds died and I wound up with this genetically off (or diseased with my luck) Panama fem.

Maybe it will grow out of this mutation when it goes into veg. Maybe it will grow stunted. Maybe it will grow regular, I'll cross-pollinate it with a WallyDuck or Dr. Grinspoon and enter it into the world's ugliest weed plant contest! :idea:
Flowering : Day 1 (I'm posting this mostly for my own records)

All plants were given a Sledgehammer flush treatment last night. After a thorough cleaning to remove any possible pollen and all debris from my last grow all were put into the flowering closet. The tallest one grew into the CFL and got singed a little (no nodal or stem damage; all leaf). I wanted to give them a few more days for growth and check for light leaks in the closet before I made the change. I will check for excessive temps and adjust fan speed when the 12/12 cycle starts tonight. They are bushy and seem healthy. Nice SOG so far. I'll post more pics soon.

Note: The 4 Sativas are transplanted into 1-1/2 gallon black plastic pots. As I suspected, it seems like the Panama will grow out of this weird mutation. The next row of leaves on it look symmetrical, but they are too small to see if the variagation is still there. The Kwazulu is a little wilted (overwatered) but this transplant should take care of that. I will start a new journal and post any future pics there.
Thanks for the info; I do tend to sweat the little details too much, especially the dark period.
Flowering : Day 2


I decided to make a change in the feeding schedule and add the full Kangaroots supplements since I am doing the rest of the feeding program. These plants are bushy and are going to need a stable rootball so that should help.
Mistake above. It should have read "Flowering : Day 7" on the entry for 09-16-2011 @ 10:43 P.M.
I made a change in the Fox Farms feeding schedule for these plants. Where the schedule calls for "Open Sesame" to open up budding sites in the second week of flowering, I chose to add another week of "Beastie Blooms" to build up the bud sites that are there. The Mega-Gro I used opened up plenty of bud sites for this particular strain so I don't feel it is necessary. They're looking good and hairying up already. I'll get up more (and hopefully not yellow) pics soon.
When I saw them @31 days, I wondered what-duh-fuh. Looking extra fine @7 ;)

Yeah, I lead a busy full life at this end. I tend to make an error here and there but I usually catch it, go back and correct it. Hey Propa Gator, have you ever timed the flowering cycle of this strain in weeks? I keep trying to find the # of weeks on the breeder's sites but the closest I can find as far as info goes is "medium cycle" (I'm guessing 9-10 weeks). My next grow for this closet is going to be Tangerine Dream and I want to start them 6 weeks before this harvest. I was going to go with C99 x Webbed Indica next, but I think I would be better off trying to use up my groupings of seeds in the order I purchased them in.
These PEx plants seem to like nutes a lot. They are the only strain I have grown so far that didn't get slight nute burn through their life cycles. Can't wait to see the buds fill out.
Flowering : Day 15
I gave all five plants a 1/2 strength dose of the full Fox Farms nute program this morning (I leave the Bush Doctor part of the FF schedule at the same amounts as well as the solubles). They are getting tall, but that should stop anytime now. I still have about 6" I can raise the light before I have to take the pulleys down and mount to the top of the closet, and hopefully I won't have to. I broke a branch off of one of the plants and just stuck it in the soilless below for the Hell of it. It dried up, but looks like it's still alive. This strain must clone easy. I can tell they are flowering from about 25' away.
Post pics soon.
I just had a chance to look it up and found out this strain has a flowering period of 45-55 days. I planted a grouping of 5 Tangerine Dream feminised seeds yesterday so that should work out okay. I may have to veg the TD's a little longer and leave this grow room unoccupied for a week or two (I hope not the way I burn).
I'll try to get pics up later.
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