Jay's Detailed Soilless Grow

They are not looking terrible Jay, they can defintely be fixed. There is nothing like smoking bud you have grown, don’t give up :yummy:
I gave a lot less nutes the last feed, and it seemed to slow down some dying on the "second plant". Was planning on going back up to half strength for mild veg next feed... I gave almost full strength for aggressive veg the feed before that. I don't think they liked it..

One plant new growth actually looks great I must admit. That is the one where leaves look rusty/brown and spotted all over.. Only from bottom up. new growth very nice currently..


Second plant is growing way faster. She has the leaves that are bright yellow and brown on the tips. Look heavier and darker. This is randomly all over the plant. New growth shows some whitish fading and some tips strongly pointing down.


I would suggest ordering your seeds for your next grow from seedsman. I have ordered from them twice and it went perfectly both times 2 weeks from placing my order I had my seeds. I am from Canada as well and the shipping from seedsman in the uk was cheaper then the shipping with in canada. I have done 2 runs with crop king seeds and have had a very mixed bag of results. I would always have a couple of good plants but there was always mutations or just slow growth in general on other one's I don't think crop king has very stable genetics and I won't be growing with their seeds again. When you are only growing your 4 legal plants in your tent you can't afford to waste your time on bad genetics. On the other hand I ordered some Barneys Farm strains from seedsman and all 5 I planted grew very vigorously and are all very similar pheno makes things much easier when they all grow the same
And don't worry about getting your order through customs they do a good job with the stealth shipping and I have never paid any duties they know the amount to claim the value at so you don't pay them
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