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Hey everyone first time making a grow journal I'm on the beginning of week 2 of flower. It's kinda late to start a journal but better late then never

Strains: White Cookies and Green Crack

Veg period : 2months

Flower: start of week 2

Grow space: 4x4x7 tent

Light: 315 cmh

Nutes: Advanced Nutrients Sensi Bloom,Voodoo Juice , Big Bud,Bud Candy, B52

3 gallon pots using promix

Temps : 75-79 rh 45-50
Started my seeds around the middle of November the veg period went pretty well considering not having grown in many years did some super cropping in order to try to make a even canopy will post a few pics I have of the veg stage to catch everyone up
planted 4 seeds to start only 2 made it so I planted 2 more so 2 of my plants are a couple of weeks behind the first 2. I then transplanted those plants into 1 gallon smart pots and were in those until 2 weeks before the flip
Watered one of the green crack plants tonight with my nutes seni bloom voodoo juice bud candy big bud been following the advanced feeding schedule in their app that I have on my phone I find it quite handy using the app. after I add all my nutes to my watering can my ph sits at 5.9 been using ph up to try to get it to 6.2-6.3 but I have been using a small plastic cup you would use to measure out liquid medicine or something finding it hard to get just the right amount of ph up in my mix that way and I usually end up at 6.4 - 6.5 might try to get an eye dropper or something to make adding it a little easier

During my veg cycle I was alternating feeding and plain water. during my flower cycle I have been feeding at every water and usually have a good amount of run off the plants don't seem to be bothered by all the food but should I be alternating food and water. let me know what you guys think
Did some light pruning on my largest white cookies plant I lollipoped it and the rest of the plants before I flipped them to flower but now that they are really stretching I can definitely see more lower stuff I should have removed
I also have 1 runt out of the 5 that is growing way slower then the rest of them I a really considering taking it out and getting rid of it to make more room for the rest of them
I put the runt in the best lighting position directly under the bulb to give it the best chance but it has always been the runt from the very beginning so I have given it the best I can
another watering tonight on the biggest white cookies got a eye dropper from walmart tonight it was so much easier adding my ph up 3 drops and I'm perfect at 6.2. the girls seem to be pushing out a few more pistols but maybe not as much as I would like to see but I say to myself your only 11 days into flower be patient lol not that I'm very good at that.

I decided to remove the runt from the tent it didn't really have any pistols showing and I thought the others would be better with more room.
Looks great to me! Are you going to let the runt grow out or just let her die? I wonder if you raised it up to canopy even with the rest if it would have still produced?
that's a good point I could try to raise it up on something and give it one last try I did take it out of the tent last night it has always been behind the others it was planted with my first batch of seeds and the second batch quickly over took it even in veg might just be a messed up pheno
I did a bunch in veg, and a little in week one of transition. I'm trying really really hard to wait till F21 to do a big defol and that'll be it I think. It's getting really thick in the canopy though so I might have to do a leaf here or there but really just trying to let it stretch and see what happens.
I did one the first week of flower on the advice of another member here I'm kinda thinking the same as you doing it again after the stretch around day 21
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