Obi's GSC, Soilless, 2021

I raised the light a few more inches this evening. Maintaining light height at around 30 inches.

Watching bud development and getting a feel for how much light penetration this light provides.


Meanwhile, in the veg tent... I finally had some time to top the test plants. I see two phenos. Four taller plants with longer internodal spacing and two slightly shorter plants with closer nodal spacing. Foliage is slightly thinner on the taller plants and wider on the shorter plants.







Meanwhile. In the veg tent. Space issues soon. I need the GSC to finish by Aug 1. I think that would be 10 weeks of 12/12 for that run.

This is my 1st try with Jacks. They have a few formulations. I wanted something simple, consistent, cost effective and scalable. I'm very happy so far. I do supplement with liquid CalMag when using the 20-10-20 and calcium nitrate and epsom salt with the 7-15-30.

I'm trying a new-to-me peat mix as well. I amended some pro-mix with a large amount of vermiculite, additional lime, gypsum and perlite. It seems to be working well so far.

Currently I'm watering with plain RO to see how long the plants go before showing signs of hunger. I'm not sure how hot the root zone is at the moment but my gut tells me I'm a little heavy on the nitrogen at this point in flower.

I'll probably hit them with some recharge in a few days.
I was going to ask what you were using for Cal-Mag... guess you read my mind. Whatever you are doing, keep it up... seems to be working.

I just ordered a bag myself so I'll have some to play around with. Prices are all over the map on fertilizers... one place wanted $120, another $79 and the place I got it from was $43, WTF. :rofl:
Cuttings from the pollen chuck plants are beginning to root. They are going to need to be planted soon.

I think I'm going to have to ditch the veg tent until harvest. These cuttings are going to eat up the remainder of my floor space and the veg plants are eating up the available canopy space at a healthy clip.

Getting frosty and stinky in the flower cabinet. I'm hoping this run starts to fatten up soon. 'bout 4 weeks to go. I'm beginning to notice the very first signs of pistils browning up.

Speaking of signs. I see some leaf fade caused by lack of nutrients. The last couple of waterings have been plain RO, one with recharge. I hit them with 400ppm of 7-15-30 and some epsom this evening.

Watering needs have suddenly gone from every 3-5 days to 48 hours. A blessing and a curse. On one hand the plants are thriving and transpiring at a healthy rate. On the other hand it's a lot of damn work. Too much. I'm not happy about my choice to flower this run in 3 gallon pots. They got too big. Vegged too long.
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