Obi's GSC, Soilless, 2021

Obi Wan

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Strain: Girl Scout Cookies
Veg/Bloom: Veg @ 6 weeks so far
Indoor: 3'x6'x7' Grow Cabinet
Light: 2'x5' DIY 480W LED
Containers: 3 gallon fabric pots
Media: Peat/Vermiculite base with Perlite, Lime and Gypsum
Nutrients: Jack's 20-10-20 Peat-Lite + Calcium and Magnesium
Water: RO
pH: @ 6
Feed Schedule: Every 3-5 days or so
Temps: 70F +/-5
RH: 50% +/-10
Greetings everyone. It's been a while! I've moved to a new location and have been having a blast getting a grow space up and running again. Like most gardens it's a work in progress. Enjoy the ride.

Let's get some pics posted and bring this journal up to speed.
Here's a few pics of the LED light build. It was a really fun project.
Grow Light 001.jpg
Grow Light 003.jpg
Grow Light 005.jpg
Grow Light 014.jpg
Grow Light 015.jpg
It's been a minute since I've grown in a Peat base. I've been growing in Perlite hempy buckets for a long time now and wanted to give something else a try.

You can see plant health issues and corrections during early veg as I learned when and how much to feed with the new nutes. I initially waited a little too long to begin feeding and then fed them to the brink of tip burn too fast. After settling in on a good nute strength, the addition of a Calcium and Magnesium supplement seems to have balanced everything out nicely.
These plants vegged under T5 from seed. Moved to the LED cabinet @ 6 weeks or so.
I trimmed the lowers a bit. Getting ready to scrog soon. The canopy is close to 50% coverage.

2021 Obi GSC 010.jpg

2021 Obi GSC 011.jpg
Time to try a scrog. I built a quick frame and started spreading them out. I'll clean up the lowers soon.

2021 Obi GSC 012.jpg

2021 Obi GSC 013.jpg

2021 Obi GSC 014.jpg
Daily training under the screen. I topped several sites on each plant this morning.
Watering about once per week if needed.
200ppm Botanicare Cal-Mag Plus 2-0-0
300ppm Jacks Peat-Lite 20-10-20
Defoliated a bit to expose some hidden bud sites. Increased light strength. Waiting for the scrog to fill in.

2021 Obi GSC 015.jpg
I had to back off the light intensity a little. I noticed signs of light stress on a coup[le leafs. Otherwise, just waiting for some more branches to hit the scrog and we'll be ready to flip.

2021 Obi GSC 017.jpg
The middle of the scrog is filling in pretty well. There are a couple gaps near the edges yet but I think the remainder will fill in shortly after flip. I might give em one more week of veg yet. We'll see...
2021 Obi GSC 018.jpg

2021 Obi GSC 019.jpg
They are a little over fed right now. I'm pretty sure there is some build up beginning form. I'll give them some plain water next round.
Trying to keep the branches below the scrog is challenging at this stage of veg. The branches are substantial and no longer want to bend. I could supercrop but I think I'm close enough to flip to just let them ride.

2021 Obi GSC 020.jpg
A couple pics that show the plant color a little better.

I've stopped training the plants. I'm going to let them orient the canopy towards the light, grow a node or two and then flip to 12/12.

2021 Obi GSC 025.jpg

2021 Obi GSC 024.jpg
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