Jay's Detailed Soilless Grow

They will love it, it will re direct the growth hormones to make new tops I know it’s nerve racking but as long as you take your time and work at it slowly the will love it and will reward you look back in my journal you will see all kinds of Lst that I did I snapped branches being too rough put them back INV place and electric tape them for a few weeks it will create a knuckle and will allow allot of nutrients to flow I don’t recommend snapping them unless you plan to super crop witch you can also do when they get more branches
What a good idea, which I should have thought of... look through your journal! lol I spent quite a bit of time looking through your pics again. Focusing on lst this time! Read a couple more articles too. Feeling more confident :)

Going to pick up thinner wire tomorrow and clips to keep em in place. Then use thicker foam wire right near bottom of stem, pulling in opposite direction, to actually bend stem rather than just yanking it on a 45°.... If that makes sense.

Wish stores were open at my crazy hours :laugh:
Sounds like you definitely got the hang of it now before you know it your tent will look something like this


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Gave Bertha a major de-foliation yesterday. Fingers crossed I didn't stress the shit out of her. There was no light getting to any fresh growth.


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Ya really filling out canadian! Suprised by your guess at yield.. hope you were being modest lol Yours are filling right up too Pluto! Beauty plants there. Excited to flower? hah

Nutrient Update:

Fed Blue and Cookie full strength for mild veg on May 13. Hindi looked like she wanted more than mild nutes so... Aggressive is a spoon (spoon = 1/4tsp per L water here..) of bloom, 2 spoons micro, 3 spoons grow. I went with 1, 1.5 and 2.... She still showing weak signs but not horrible.

FIM Update

I went and bought wire and clips! Then after playing around again... didn't use em hahah.. Okay, going to leave plants as they are for a while!! Maybe bend Hindi and Blue down a bit further over a day or 2. Hopefully can just let em go for a while now! Stop fusing for a while :)
Ahh after getting over the fear of LST, you do indeed realize how amazing it is! Got the 2 thicker stems bent right over now as well.

No joke... in 24 hr I can tell the growth of secondary leaves is picking right up! LST is awesome hahahaha. Starting to train is when the real fun begins! Cant wait to see growth in week or 2.

Thanks for reading my rambling. Bored with out workin now... :):)
Nice training on the training Jay, i think they gonna love it :bravo::ganjamon:
Looking killer both of you guys Pluto don’t worry that won’t stress them one bit they will love the penetration and Yeaa Jay Lst is the way to go if you want your girls to be in top shape (pun definitely intended) just wait that’s just the beginning now that you have those Oxins ( hormone that tells the plant what node is the “top”)moving around the plants are going to start to squat and get really wide and bushy just the way you want
Love it thanks. Vegging really is the fun part! Nutes begin, growth takes off (for a plant anyways), can start trimming, training... More entertaining than the seedling! Hah I'm sure watching the flowers form is great too.
Dont forget cloning. You can give them away to friends. I successfully got 4 clones grown nice for friends


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Silly question... but do you think hoping for 2 oz from each plant is realistic? 400w hid... no rush to veg... 3' x 3' x 6' space... only 3g pots...
I’m sure you will get at least that with a 400 probably a bit more when you train and feed probably, you could pull almost a qp per plant there once you get really dialed in and master a few tricks
Dont forget cloning. You can give them away to friends. I successfully got 4 clones grown nice for friends
Good job on the clones I’ll give you guys a peek at the clone dome in a sec here I would show you the girls but I haven’t even seen them my self latst 2 days been working 13hr days pulling over time and always just seem to miss lights out and am gone a couple hours before lights on so I been missing out I fed and adjusted the light before I started these crazy shifts to be safe but the weekend will be exiting to see the progress
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