Obi's GSC, Soilless, 2021

Temp and RH are stable. This LED runs so cool the cabinet barely rises above ambient room temp. I'm using my 2'x4' veg tent (stuffed with an 8-bulb T5) as the lung for the flower cabinet which is helping to raise the temp and RH to better levels.

Ambient room is 66F and 35% RH

2021 Obi GSC 029.jpg
I gave them a couple rounds of plain RO to cool down the root zone. I think it's still a bit on the hot side, though.

Most recent feeding I used
Botanicare Cal-Mag Plus 2-0-0 (I need to pick up some Calcium Nitrate)
Jack's 7-15-30 (for 1st week of bloom since soil is still pretty hot)
Magnesium Sulfate

pH in and runoff are both 6.0
ppm in @ 450
Light is running @ 60% or 300W at the wall. Watching for signs of light stress as they grow into the light. I'm hoping to simply let everything ride for a while.
Very cool

Very cool @Obi Wan I was really thinking about a diy myself, how much did everything cost to build that light?
Total cost was about $650 with some shipping fees added in

PLC Photo Boost Strip x10 $260
HLG-480H-C1750B $134
Tnutz aluminum frame and hardware $173
WIre, thermal tape, connectors, etc $70
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