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Hi all. I am new to the community, from Canada somewhere in the prairies. I decided to register as I have recently started to grow for personal and just to have fun watching the plants grow through all the different stages. I started a plant 19 days ago from seed 1xbubblegum XL and the seeds are feminized. I am looking for advise on taking clones off her for future grows, possibly 2-3 plants at a time and if possible to keep one as a mother.

Unfortunately when I started I did not have access to good quality soil and was left with using MG moisture control but also added about 10% more perlite to the mix. I have not had any issues except for a few small brown spots on some of the new leafs from the lower nodes (which is concerning) but otherwise it's growing at a good rate and appears very healthy. I have not added anything new as far as nutes because the soil already contains enough for a few months and in doing so i am scared I would probably kill her so I decided I was going to wait until closer to flowering or if growth starts to drastically slow down. I am going to be repotting into a 6 gallon grow bag soon for final pot and 3 days ago I topped her at the 5th node to increase growth colas later I have noticed a significant increase in growth. They have been on a 24 hr light cycle since day one and i will be starting 18/6 schedule at the end of the following week. I am new to LEDs and im trying to find advice on using the veg only setting or mixing both veg and bloom to the light spectrum. Any advise is greatly appreciated. Cheers!


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Well not sure if I should be concerned yet but this morning when I took a peek I noticed most of the main fan leaves were curling slightly along the serrated edges. I did water last night as I hadn't watered in about 3 days and she was feeling pretty light. When I watered it was just before the lights went out and I only use about a cups worth taking care to always water the soil slowly to ensure a nice even distribution throughout the soil.

Since this morning and at the time of writing this I have noticed that the curling is not as bad anymore and the main fan leaves on top are nice and perky and praying but some are still bad so i am starting to think it might have something to do with the watering. The growth underneath is looking really retarded and I'm not sure why. Leaves are small and twisted and some look as though they were folded, the color is good though. I did recently upgrade lightning to 600w viparspectra v600 and they have been under this light since Sunday at 26" from the canopy. Before that I had 4 (23watt cfl) 6500's on her and never had any issues whatsoever. I also tested soil and water and everything checks out as far as ph is concerned.

The only things that have changed are the lighting intensity and spectrum, the light schedule went from 24/0 to 18/6 and she was topped at the 5th node about a week ago. I also wanted to add that she doesn't seem to be growing much since Sunday night. Currently in a 1 gallon jug but plan on moving her to a 6 gallon grow bag on the weekend. Anyone have any ideas or suggestions?


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Your girl looks fine :thumb: as far as the branches looking weird, it's because they aren't getting light...looks like she's topped if you want to, you can remove the big fan leaves blocking the light, but only like the top 2 big ones for now, should let the light in :thumb:
Thanks @MochaBud I appreciate the tip. Since my last post I have done some up potting to 6 gallon grow bag. At first I only watered around the edges to allow the roots to bust through the initial root ball in search of water. I didn't notice much growth over the last few days until this morning when i checked and saw basically an explosion of growth compared to the previous days. All the under growth is now starting to take off and the top two stems are forcing their way through the top fan leaves. I still have fan leaves that have just the edges rolled down and I am really not sure what caused it in the first place, but it hasn't gotten worse and the texture or color of the leaves show they are perfectly healthy so I am chalking it up to environmental. Perhaps going from cfl lights to a more powerful led panel and the light schedule being reduced from 24/0 to 18/6 is what caused it. I have other plants that are showing the same kind of behavior mainly my avacado plants.


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I'm really thinking I should have just started a grow journal. I have been documenting my grow since day one and have a reel of photos to show she is progressing. Well I'm on day 30 now about to tie down some branches and lst now that the branches are catching up.


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Day 6 since flip and figured I needed to do some more super cropping to allow the canopy to even out, the two main branches keep growing out of control now. Should I be removing any fan leaves to open her up even more? I also upped the dosage of micro nutes to double that of what she was getting the last few weeks. Does anyone have any experience with using micro nutes as a foliar spray? Is it better to feed the soil with them or directly spray it on the plant and when mixing it up how much would I be mixing and to what amount of water. I assume the leaves will absorb the nutrients very fast. Currently I mix 10 ml per litre and am feeding 2 litres every week. Is that how muxh I literally have to spray onto the plant? Or just coat both sides or the leaves and be done with it?

The two clones I started are also thriving since rooting, I plan on taking a couple more clones and reverting back to a 20/4 schedule in hopes of monster cropping them once at the end of week 2 flowering. I am definitely hooked on growing plants now and even have some pepper seeds germinated and ready to go in solo cups.


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Here are updates on mama and her babies. Into 2 weeks flowering and shaped like a table! Bud sites everywhere now. My target for chop is Halloween


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