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Didn't really need any more plants around here, but had a rousing game of musical boxes ;)......Dispensary in town had their Clones at 1/2 price today, so just under $10 all in with the sin tax included even. They had Dairy Queen which I liked from first set of bought Clones, so talked myself into it (like an idiot) and had to move things all around to make it work out for now.

All the specifics on my boxes in my Anti Journal Journal thread, these two in my medium sized box currently. So picked up these two Clones for less than $20 for both:

Dairy Queen: Cheese/Romulan/Cindy99 Sativa Dominant

Lilac Jack: Power Purps/Sour Jack Sativa Dominant

A lot freaking taller this time from Dispensary, so it will get interesting as they are tight if I leave them at that height already for that box.....the things I do to myself ;) :rofl::rofl: though best way to learn I guess, just totally screw yourself right off the get go ;)


They weren't that tall or stretched out on the Clones I had bought from them before, so now have to figure how I want to LST and Top to get them more compact and lower as no room to grow heightwise in that box and the Tall box has my Mother and her Clone that I put into Flower this week (so it is tied up for a couple months).......guess long as I don't kill them we still good ;) :rofl::rofl:
Maybe I should have acclimated them before transplanting them, but they were so big in such little pots, we shall see. They both seem to be unhappy and/or too much shocks to system at once as I was trying to LST to get them to fit in box on top of everything else. They got Cal/Mag and Bio Root, as that was what I was giving other plants and had some left in my jug (as realized not supposed to have Nutes around already mixed, so either use them up that day or dump them now, but that explains the floaty things in my jugs ;) "it's ALIVE" :rofl: so off to the recycle bin those go).

They certainly did not like that transplant. They had to come out of those tiny pots though.
Looks like they will be fine.

See how easy saving money is?!?!?!?!? Lol.

Looking forward to it my friend.

Yeah if I can get them to pop back least I can take some clones off of them and grow them shorter than those ;)....actually got some Dairy Queen Seeds in the mail the other day along with Deep Purple, so that an option too somewhere down the road when I have less plants going on. That or put some money into converting my Shed properly and have a "real" grow space to work with that is more climate/environment controlled ;)
Hope they bounce back UM!...the shed conversion would prolly be an investment that pays for itself...can present different challenges at times butt worth it in the long run for me...nice having the grow separate from living space too...I'm fortunate to have a small sub panel in mine...thats one issue that can be deterrent...anyways...all the best in your endeavors and life in this New Year...I'll be tagging along now...Cheerz...h00k...:hookah:
They got watered yesterday with Cal/Mag and Bio Marine, trimmed off some of the dying leaves and they not looking as "droopy", so maybe they turning the corner, got the wrong pic...next post
Took a couple cuttings of each for Clones, as decided to do some Top/FIM training to lower my canopy for now. May just put them into flower earlier, if the Clones work anyway as can start from scratch and not have as lanky of a plant as better fit for my boxes. They got fed yesterday, see what that does for them ;) either better or worse lol

No pics today but they got fed, so must be coming out of shock as fed them 4 days ago and they light today unlike the others I watered that day. So got water with Grow/CalMag/Bio Root and Bio Marine out of my GO box thing (same nutes I been using just a sample box with all the other stuff that I wanted to try here and there and not on the schedule they have printed up for now, don't like to change too many things at once as you never know what worked and what is wrong answer ;) :rofl: ).

"My momma talk to me
Try to tell me how to live
But I don't listen to her
'Cause my head is like a sieve"

lalalalala ;)
Feed today with the GO Bio Thrive line up Grow/CalMag/Bio Root/Bio Marine, depending on how they look next time they light but probably just do plain water next time with the Cal/Mag.
Picture day ....say cheese ;) :rofl:


Still plugging along, not sure if my cuttings from them are going to make it, waiting on putting them into Flower until the two ladies in Flower are done and free up my taller cabinet.
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