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Decided to try and germinate a couple of the Crown Royale Fem seeds I had bought awhile back, need practice as haven't grown but a couple from seed so far. Off their site:

Growing: Moderate
Flowering Time: 9 Weeks
Indica/Sativa: 70% Indica
Genetics: Blueberry X Purple Kush

Soaked on 3/23, planted in Plug on 3/24. both of them peeking out of the soil at me today:


So off on another journal, as my PKF one is almost ready to harvest (another day or two or seven ;) :rofl:
Well they had stretched real fast and were taller than the cup, so put them in a smaller pot that bigger than a bathroom solo cup ;) :rofl: ,and buried the bottom 2" or so of the stalk.

One fell over and died for some reason (pretty sure it won't recover), not sure if the gnats or the new plugs I was trying or what. May just start starting them in soil and not mess with the plug baloney anymore, and hopefully figure out the gnats too.
Catch up a bit here, decided to make this thread for an Ongoing Crop King Seeds thread, as only one of the CRF made it. Planted (2) Blueberry on 4/15, one has popped and the other I think is a Dud. So soaked night before and then planted (3) Haze Extreme on 4/20. Will get some pics of the CRF and BB that are doing something soon, the CRF looking better but seems to be slow at the moment.
Update pic day.

The CRF that lived out of the two:

CRF and the one BB that popped of the two (think other seed a dud):

And two of the three seeds have popped so far on the Haze Extreme:
Life been hectic and distracting lately.....typical ;) :rofl::rofl:

New pics of all that made it or popped (almost ready to give up on the one that hasn't popped as I think it's another dud).
pics of what is left that never sprouted or keeled over ;)

pale green looking one in front on this pic (when I feed the chronies I will give it some of their nutrient water as only had water so far) is the CRF that lived:

Had a bug problem so can't put much into whether a seed issue or not for sure, other than only two thirds (66%) of the seeds germinated/made it this far, though that CRF is struggling a lot as it was planted 6 weeks ago.
Been awhile as life is life sometimes ;) :rofl:

The CRF still kicking and finally looking like a plant ;)

And the BB and two HX that made it this far (my luck the BB be a male as only one made it :rofl:) and a DQ cutting from other thread that I"m unsure if it is going to go anywhere:

CRF got put into a larger pot today, BB got trimmed and it is struggling, both the HX are doing pretty good. Everyone got watered as it has been warm so everything out in shed was light.
Got tired of fighting the Blueberry so stuck it into Flower along with a DQ from other thread that was struggling also, just see what I can get out of it and try out the strain. Kinda disappointed in the BB, so may be awhile before I try the rest of the seeds I have, but I have lots of others I want to try anyway ;). The Haze Extreme and the Crown Royal Fem are doing pretty good so will Veg those a lot longer and see what happens with them, CRF is doing the best in my humble uneducated opinion ;) :rofl::rofl:
Got watered today, and the CRF was put into a bigger pot as it is plugging right along. The two HX are looking good too, will have to try and clone them so I can sex them before I get too much into them.


Not 100% yet but I think the one BB that made it of the two seeds is a Boy (90+% sure it is), brought it inside with my struggling DQ clone from other thread, if it is then guess I can play with genetics a bit (even though might be a bad idea ;) :rofl: ). As others in Veg but didn't want to risk things so brought those two into my box in the house.


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