Madman Grow #1 - CKS Crown Royale Fem - Northern Lights Auto & Candy Cane Auto

Re: Madman Grow #1 - CKS Crown Royale Fem - Northern Lights Auto & Candy Cane Auto

I added 4 23w 5000k cfl's to help in seedling stage. How high did you set your led

It's always on high haha full 300 beautiful watts


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Alright lots of progress this last little while :)


Millie, one of the two oldest Nl autos. I'm seeing lots of lovely bud sites, I'll probably have to adjust the lst wires soon! She seems to have recovered from topping and has the nice double top


Bertha, the biggest oldest planty plant I'm growing right now. Nl auto as well :) her preflowers are beefy so I'm stoked to see how they finish off.


One of Berthas biggest preflowers :)


Foxy Cleopatra, nl auto that I started at the same time as my crown royale mary jane. Starting to flower as well so she might get some streeeetch soon


Mary jane the crown royale (pk X blueberry), finally starting to see some real leaf growth on her. Can't wait, I've been dreaming about her fruity buds since I first heard about the strain . she's the only photolitic plant I got going but she's feminized so I hope to just veg her for at least three months then have a humongous harvest. Anyone grown crown royale from crop King seeds before??



Candy cane #1 and #2, they're just chugging along nicely though I notice one is much healthier looking than the other so I think I'll be keeping an eye on those girls.... Any advice from previous candy cane growers? I think I'll throw a little N heavy nute and molasses in her pot today and see how that works.. A splash of cal-mag too..

The temps have been a bit low at 65-70F, so maybe a tad cold ❄

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Your candy canes are about 30 days old right now? Here is my northern lights at 18 days

And candy cane at 18

The candy canes seem a little slow compared to the northern lights. My last 2 northern lights seemed to have about the same development rates. What I keep seeing are the candy canes are quite a bit slower. My nl is right under 6" right now she should hit the scrog by morning, but cc is only about 4"
I don't think you need the molasses yet typically when they are flowering. Also only use 1/2 strength nutes yet so you don't get nute burn. It's real easy especially on young plants
Here we go!
In general my oldest Nl autos seem to be doing very well. I took a look at the trichomes on Bertha and Millie and they looked mostly clear but about 10-20% cloudy :)


Ripley, crown royale fem


Biggie shortie, Candy cane auto #1. Just topped her and hope to see some major double growth in the next little while


Frodo, candy cane auto #2. Untopped so we'll see how she forms up. I'm going to lst all the ladies so she should still be pretty nice


Bertha, nl auto. She's the oldest and biggest of the bunch, starting to frost up and get some fat buds!


Pic of one of Berthas mid size buds :)


Millie, nl auto. Loving how she's doing and she responded well to topping by getting those juicy big double horn buds She'll be a bit behind Bertha but should be harvest time soon!


Pic of Millie's horns

Started a couple more candy canes so I can time my harvest right before a trip. Will get some pics up when they get some more leaves :) this journal had kind of turned into a perpetual grow rather than a one and done but I'll get pics when I cut down Bertha

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Madman Grow #1 - CKS Crown Royale Fem - Northern Lights Auto & Candy Cane Auto

Looks like your Crown Royale has a Magnesium deficiency or light burn How close to the light are you keeping it and what type of light?
I can't see all details from that photo. 3rd option is nutrient lockout due to a ph over 6.5. If you broke your pen you can use this method. Assuming your tap water ph is 7.1 add 8 drops of lime juice to 1000 ml water. That will give you a ph of 6.5.

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Awesome! I checked the pH of the runoff last night and got 6.2 so a little low but not crazy low. She's about a foot and a half away from the light and I don't see any of the other ladies showing signs of heat stress or light stress so hmm. I think in the end it's a mag deficiency because I gave her a flush and some water with cal mag and she seems to be perking up. I think I just didn't show her enough love in the last bit cause I've been entranced with my Nl autos that are almost done! Cut down Bertha last night :)

Holy cow Lupey you are an lst master!! So impressive.

Damn that's an awesome trick for the correct pH water Jimmy thanks!!

Much appreciated for all the advice y'all

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