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Hi everyone,

Will be starting this journal in earnest next week, but for now, have included the seedling shots of my next grow.
Australian Q1

No.1 I am bringing her back inside, plant is already 3 weeks old.

Californian Grand Daddy Purple

Californian Orange Bud

Plant type: Best suitable for indoor growing.
Plant height: Medium, Indica/Sativa mix.
Stoned or high: Sativa high, cerebral buzz.
THC level: Medium 8-15%
Flowering Weeks: 9/10 weeks.
Yield:500 grams (Sea of Green on one m2).
Harvest Month:9/10 (outdoor growing).
Grow difficulty:Moderate.

Californian Super Silver Haze

Awards: 1st prize HTCC 1997, 1998 and 1999.
Genetics: Skunk, Northern Lights, Haze.
Effect: The most indica between the sativas, a classic hit. Strong, long lasting, blasting.
Flowering indoor: 10- 11 weeks with yield up to 800 gr./sqm.
Flowering outdoor: Harvest in mid October in the Northern hemisphere, in mid May in the Southern.
Yield is up to 1500 gr./plant.
THC: 18% CBD: 0.3% CBN: 0.1%

Dutch WidowSkunk

o Type: Sweet Skunk X White Widow
o Indoor flowering: 56 - 70 days.
o Indoor yield: up to 400 gram per m².
o Outdoor flowering time: May / June to October.
o Height: 75 - 150 cm.
o Buzz: Happy playful high.
o Taste/Smell: Sweet & aromatic.
DAY 11

Hi Everyone,
Bought myself a 250watt HPS Ballast and a Son-T-Agro Bulb. Don't know why I haven't been utilising this wardrobe before as a clone/seedling grow area?? The plants get moved into the grow room properly on Sunday. Just couldn't help myself but post this pic.

Day 14

The journal starts in earnest TODAY!!

Have moved the grow from a wardrobe to the grow room.
In the wardrobe, I was using a 250Watt HPS, but for the next 3 weeks in the grow room will be using a 400Watt HPS, then moving onto a 600Watt HPS in the last week of Veg.

During the last 5 weeks of flowering, I increase the wattage by reintroducing the 400Watt HPS so as to have 1000Watts HPS in total. I find this way it increases the available lumens, but also acts as a way of controlling the costs associated with running 1000Watts all grow.


Notice the oil heater. It is COLD here so I am using this and the heat from the Ballast to get to about 28C.


Will post weekly on Sunday
Im unsure if oil heaters work the same as propane heater but I was thinking that maybe you could get a propane heater and in turn get valuable CO2 from it. GDP, cant wait to see that grow. (its actually the first time ive seen a GDP plant which is weird cause that stuff is all over here, I just havent seen it. Anyhow looks sweet man, cant wait to see em grow. Im gonna have to come to you for my next grow, because it going to be soil and Im kinda a newbie when it comes to soil. I always end up with some problem. In hydro its easy cause its all numbers and the data is right in front of you (in most cases) so problem solving is usually simple with hydro. With soil I get lost somehow. Anyhow:eek:fftopic::focus: Nice setup man, They look great!
Day 19

Everyone is looking happy and growing well.
Have tipped the eldest of the Q1 plants, to let everyone see how it gets bushy, while leaving the other Q1 untouched so that its natural grow can also be observed.
Took 2 clones from a Bubblegum female I had growing outdoor. The plant was near harvest when I took the clones and they are now in dirt and really starting to take off. Such a great strain.

Day 43 Q1

Day 13 Q1

Cali Orange day 13

Day 19 CASSH

Day 19 GDP

Bubblegum Clone day 4
Day 21

What a difference a week can make in the grow room. Have included again pictures from both ends of the light. Regulars will notice that there are more plants, I have had some success with late cloning of a bubblegum that was harvested 3 weeks ago. Such a great strain, I cannot give this strain enough compliments. GDP and CASSH plants are really starting to explode in growth, the Cali Orange is a bit slower, Widow skunk is a lot slower than I expected and the Q1 is growing as per usual.

Week 3



Week 2


Hi Everyone,

The group shot I am posting just isn't doing justice to how well the plants are responding. Thought I would include individual shots of the plants as at day 23, into the grow. At the current rate of growth, the light will be changed to 12/12 a week earlier than anticipated. Probably this Sunday.

Q1 day 17


Q1 day 47


GDP 1 day 23


GDP 2 day 23


CASSH 1 day 23


CASSH 2 day 23


Cali Orange Bud day 17


WidowSkunk day 23


And even though I am not including her in this journal, I have to put in 1 of the Bubblegum clones as at day 8 in soil.

Bubblegum Clone 1 day 8


I am shocked, really shocked at how well they are all growing!! Especially the Californians. Have been doing nothing really out of the ordinary as far as nutrients and their application goes. It may just be that the seed stock is 1st class!

I think 28 days will be all they really need for Vegetative at this stage.
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