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  • hey Fu...Thanks...All of us here have a least 2 cents worth of info to share...lol peace n good luck...MF
    Totally outplayed by a rampaging English cricket team. You should see the news here! I think Ricky Ponting better get ready to lose a nut when he gets home!!!
    if only i had known earlier m8, i could of sorted out something, but i aint gonna make it. where/how did you find out about this and whens the next one
    hi mate id love to of come to birmingham and met you but to be honest i have 7 kids so money is real tight round here only just about got the missus happy about the grow so i can t push it any more lol can you imagine 7 kids and only me and the missus knows about the grow she is on pins when im in grow room lol thanks for the invite thou i really do appreciate it..........be lucky weedtastic
    Nice journal Brother, I moved it to the completed section for you. One quick point, you may already be up to speed on the importance of curing but I noticed your comment about grassy tasting (hay smell?). This is the chlorophyl break down process, and it'll go away 420% with a good jar cure.

    kinda what I was thinking its not getting worse,I also flushed it 2wice.thx for help.spike
    what a steal lol, HPS it is then i have noticed a ot of ppl use those 400 watt HPS...
    were in UK u at bro, im in the north west. Your right about the dibble tho only gt 3 seedlings and im already lookin over my shoulder wen im unlocking my front door lol, PARANOIA.
    Any many more high ones to come dude!

    could i be cheeky and ask wots the cost of ur light? will that be good for the veg and flowering stages? yea it looks pritty sweet (i think so neway lol) just need the lamp but gta wait till tuesady? gt 3 seedlings beggin for more light lol...
    Your welcome, Hey nice one happy birthday dude ill have a bong for you for bday lol... ill be putting pics up soon and startin my journel sometime nxt week would be awsome if you could help us a long and ill try my best to share tips i hear with u. Us brits gta stick 2geva lol.

    Anyway happy birthday again dude,

    Toke on :roorrip:
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