1. BobHasBurgers

    GDP First Time Grower

    First time grower attempting to finish first plant ever! A few details that may help others assess my current first grow. Originally had 2 plants in this tent but discovered the gifted Revolver seed was an Auto and moved to separate tent. This left me with the scrogged one plant currently in...
  2. 20211217_071639 (2).jpg

    20211217_071639 (2).jpg

    GDP seed after 24hrs in soil. Still has seedcoat but looks like it's trying to get out.
  3. GDP x Deep Chunk (1).jpg

    GDP x Deep Chunk (1).jpg

    GDP x Deep Chunk bred by Icemud and grown by icemud
  4. Grandaddy Purple

    Grandaddy Purple

    GDP under 300 watt Mars Hydro
  5. 20200731_180523.jpg


    9 week flower GDP turned Hermie
  6. 20200803_101640.jpg


    Pollen sack GDP is 9 weeks flower and I find this
  7. 20200731_180523.jpg


    GDP looks to have developed a seed pod. Kind of explains why 1 of my other plants that just got harvested, looks to have seeds
  8. 20200612_123255 (1).jpg

    20200612_123255 (1).jpg

    Grandaddy Purple
  9. 20200531_164608.jpg


    Grandaddy Purple
  10. 20200515_172656.jpg


    5-15-20 Grandaddy Purple sprouted 4-24-20
  11. GDP (2).jpg

    GDP (2).jpg

    Icemuds Grand Daddy Purple cut strain genetics.
  12. GDP (1).jpg

    GDP (1).jpg

    Icemuds Grand Daddy Purple cut strain genetics.
  13. Jred18

    GDP, Maui Waui, Green Crack Tahoe OG: my first indoor grow

    My first indoor grow
  14. GDP 12hours

    GDP 12hours

    GDP in promix and using MC nutes
  15. IMG_9693.JPG


    Grand Daddy Purple
  16. IMG_9692.JPG


    Grand Daddy Purple
  17. 20190818_195017.jpg


    GDP grown inside a botanium
  18. C

    How long does it take for cloudy to amber trichomes GDP?

    Hey guys, Wondering how long it takes a predominant indica strain (GDP) to go from cloudy to amber? I'd say 60% of the pistils on each plant are amber but lookin closer at the trichomes and they are still just cloudy mostly. Finishing week 8 of Grand Daddy Purp and not sure when will be the...
  19. Wake and Bake

    Wake and Bake

    Fog Chaser Coffee, Granddaddy Purple joint, does me right in the morning.
  20. 20190311_160850.jpg


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