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  1. Wake and Bake

    Wake and Bake

    Fog Chaser Coffee, Granddaddy Purple joint, does me right in the morning.
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    Set up
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    GDP Grand Daddy Purple Sprayed with Colloidal Silver showing pollen Sacs
  10. G

    Need help on plant id

    I bought these clones 3 weeks ago. 2 of each: GSC, GDP, G13 and Utopia Haze. All are growing nice except my "Utopia Haze" pic attached. Other pic is other plants...GSC, GDP, and G13 H. According to plant charistics of Utopia that I have researched this plant isn't Utopia H. The plant is 12"...
  11. C

    Colt45's Waterfarm/Soil GDP Grow Journal - 2017

    Hello, everyone! This is my first grow. My setup is; Hydrohut - Silver Edition Hut 4.5X4.5 Continental Fan In-Line Duct Fan 6 Inch, 308 CFM Can-Lite Carbon Filter 6 inch - 600 CFM Two Clip on Hurricane Fans 600W MH - Apollo / 1000W HPS Eye Hortilux 600W/1000w Quantum dimmable ballasts...
  12. 3

    Auto GDP early harvest?

    Firstly a big Hi to everyone on here, I've been lurking for a long time now and lots of my previous questions have been asked before and answered without me having to ask. This is my second grow both autos Pineapple Express and GDP outdoor and bring them in at night, temps have been high teens...
  13. AtmozFear

    AtmozFear's Perpetual Coco - Purple Crack, Granddaddy Purp & Two Autos

    I started growing with RDWC seven years ago, which was also my first growing experience overall, and I came to one important conclusion with full-on hydro: not only keep the ph under control, but use nutrients themselves to bring up, bring down or, most importantly, keep the ph level and...
  14. GaBoy420

    The Birth Of Grand Purple Dragon - Starring Grandaddy Purple & Blue Dragon

    What Strain is it? Grand Purple Dragon F1 (Grandaddy Purple x Blue Dragon) Soil or Hydro? Reused Organic Living Soil Indoor or Outdoor? Outdoor (In a pot) How often are you watering? As needed when it doesn't rain Nutes? Aloe, Coconut water, Fush emulsion & Black Strap Molasses Good Afternoon...
  15. OregonFarmer

    First Grow - Soil - LED - Grand Daddy Purple GDP & Cheesedawg

    Hello! I am fortunate to live in a location where cannabis is legalized for recreational and medicinal purposes. This will be my first attempt at growing as well as constructing a journal- I only have experience with helping friends and observing their grows; therefore I am a beginner...
  16. OregonFarmer


    Hello Everyone, New to the 420 Magazine Forum community and excited to be here! There is substantial amount of information being shared and I look forward to being a part of it to further develop my understanding of the cannabis plant. As a native of the Pacific Northwest in the USA; I have...
  17. Bloodguy

    Bloodguy's GDP & KushnCheese Soil Grow Sponsored By MightyGrow 2017

    What strain is it? Grand Daddy Purple by Blimburn. Kush n Cheese by Dinafem. Subject to change ;) Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages? Hybrids, both Indica dominant. Is it in Veg or Flower stage? Starting from seed. If in Veg... For how long? na If in Flower stage...
  18. D

    Monster Grandaddy Purple

    I have this beast that I have been supercropping and have topped twice. I've never seen a growth like this and its I a superbox with only 200w cfl. I also have two gold leaf growing along side. The GDP has been in veg two 9 days longer. I just switched to flower after a 36 hour dark. I'm on day...
  19. H

    Dark Devil Auto GDP OG & Blue Mammoth Auto Adventures

    hi welcome to the bungalow, ensconced in a leafy 'burb with the usual characters and crafty squirrels. I am planning a high brix grow but got gifted the joys of transmission rebuild costs along with suspension rebuild as well (self employed in a rough trade and the truck takes a beating) so most...
  20. T

    Theked - Backyard Outdoor - 2016 - SoCalGrow

    So I moved into a new house in Long Beach after 16 years of apartment dwelling and decided to start a backyard grow, as my new yard seemed to be perfect. I am starting with clones from dispensaries as I didn't want to start from seed this time. The last time I attempted an outdoor grow was 1986...
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