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CanbisMxmus Grows Mothers


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This should be some good stuff peeps! I have 5 MK Ultra (G-13 x O.G. Kush), plus 3 Dynafem seeds, one each of: Blue Hash (Blueberry x Cali Hash Plant), Blue Widow (Blueberry x White Widow), and White Widow (whatever the WW blend is). These are T.H. Seeds, and Dynafem genetics.

All five of my MKU seeds sprouted last night, so I decided I'd start this today! These will all be grown as mothers, hopefully contributing to clonestock for a future Volksgarden grow. :cool027:

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re: CanbisMxmus Grows Mothers


Ah, the master plan - have enough clones to max out the volk(s)

As you said this'll be the first time a volks had enough clones to be go for max weight.

Ideally, these strains appreciate going to 12/12 at similar times in the volks. Will be fun to get to see ;)


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Widow Widow, if it is anything like the WidowSkunk, takes a while for the seeds to open.

Do you give the seeds a crack before you start germination?


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No, I've never attempted cracking any, I'd be afraid to crush the delicate innards. It appears that the WW had cracked open about the same time as the others, but got a li'l confused and couldn't find up. I discovered it had already opened when I was looking for a dud seed. I wasn't too worried since I already have a healthy supply of WW seeds, and upon further thought, it would be nice to incorporate the different WW genetics into the variety I already have.


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Update time...
The gang...

This li'l booger passed away the next day...

Blue Hash

Blue Widow

MK Ultra

Not much to post right now, but soon..... :rasta:


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Could you explain the air pruning principle a bit more? I have seen it done but am unsure of the advantages. All looks good so it must be working.
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