blue widow

  1. Jackofall420

    Abandoned Dinafem Blue Widow

    Should be fun Mars II 1200 Flora series nutes Today starts week 3 Blue widow by Dinafem Big bud xxl by ministry of cannabis And there's a clone of heavy weight strawberry cake I've also started a few auto flowers of blue kush and white widow both by Dinafem.
  2. og disciple

    Blue Widow Day 54 & OG Kush Day 54

    Never gotten feedback before. Would love to get my ego stroked for the first time :Namaste: OG Kush :thumb: Blue Widow :thumb:
  3. og disciple

    Help: Dinafem Blue Widow run...not sure when to harvest

    2nd post ever. I hope this is in the right place and all that. Currently have a single blue widow freebie in a 3-gallon pot with 40% roots organics original and 40% gold label coco, and a 20% compost mix of worm castings, forrest humus, and biochar (laced with bennies and dolomite lime)...
  4. H

    gl 60 grow lab tent set up for SOG 300 watts CFL

    Here r some pics of 2 x 2 x 5 grow lab tent im setting up for my 1st attempt at SOG. Any advise on Sog in tight spaces would be much appreciated. going with dinafem blue widow, and white widow feminized seeds, which will be cloned for 2nd round of SOG and so on.... Thanks everyone!! Holler at...
  5. Herbanite84

    Abandoned First Grow Advice Needed - Bubba Kush - Dairy Queen - Blue Widow

    Hi there people! Just want to say thanks for all the wisdom various members have put up so far, and congrats on such a wicked site! This is a friend of a friends first grow, and i want to blog it for help to others in the future, and to help him also! ;) Equipment wise- 1 x tent 80 x 80 x 160...
  6. H

    Abandoned Washington State MMJ

    this is a blue widow seed grown for 10 weeks before flower in roots organics soil with gh flora nova bloom and gravity flower by hn bud candy by an and ff cha ching this is day 27 in flower and i also have 8 dinafem blue widow clones 1 jilly bean clone 2 bubba 76 1 clone and 1 mother and 1 blue...
  7. J

    Completed Zombo's Fourth Grow: SAGE - DWC and LEDs

    Hello folks, I'm Zombo, I've posted my other grows at the other forums, but after seeing that LED grows are not slammed on here, and knowing Irish Boy and Mmmmick from their grows on other forums, and reading all the cool threads, I came here. I'm going to finish up this grow here, and at the...

    Completed 400w 2x Blue Widow & 2x G-Force

    Well after a failed attempt at growing in this space, I have re-tought the set up and invested in a Inline Fan to cool the HID (seems to keep room mild). In order to combat the limit in space this grow will be a SCRoG style grow. The operation is a few weeks in and getting ready to hit bloom...
  9. C

    Abandoned CanbisMxmus Grows Mothers

    This should be some good stuff peeps! I have 5 MK Ultra (G-13 x O.G. Kush), plus 3 Dynafem seeds, one each of: Blue Hash (Blueberry x Cali Hash Plant), Blue Widow (Blueberry x White Widow), and White Widow (whatever the WW blend is). These are T.H. Seeds, and Dynafem genetics. All five of...
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