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this is a blue widow seed grown for 10 weeks before flower in roots organics soil with gh flora nova bloom and gravity flower by hn bud candy by an and ff cha ching this is day 27 in flower and i also have 8 dinafem blue widow clones 1 jilly bean clone 2 bubba 76 1 clone and 1 mother and 1 blue venom with my aero cloner in the veg closet in the flower room im using 2400 watts of hps and for veg i have 2 2' 4 tube t5 panels producing 16000 lumen and about to hook up my 90 watt pro grow ufo for my cloner only
this is the veg and clone setup with a couple comparison shots in day 26 of flower
these pictures are in day 29 of flower 1 dinafem blue widow under a 1000 watt hps for now until we can empty out that closet we arent going to use the other 1400 watts of hps power sorry but until i figure out my digital camera on why it is unrecognizable on my ps3 they will be all 1.3 mega pixel camera shots from my phone
Welcome to 420mag.com, hypnotictonic....I'm RVgrower, also known as just RVG, as I started to do my growing in an RV we were living in last year when I started to grow....I'm temporarily out of the RV for a while, and so I am growing in a closet, well, that's my flower room, and the back end of our bathroom is our "veg area"....Right now, I have only 1 plant in flower, ( a Northern Lights x Skunk) about a week or so from the chop, and I have 1 plant in veg, an Emerald Jack, which is Emerald Triangle Seeds' results from crossing Jack Herrer to their "Emerald OG" line...
I have gone to no other site since I happened upon this one when I was prepping for my first grow ( that I was actually going to complete and harvest, you know? I can't tell you how many times I started a grow, but chickened out and yanked it cuz I had no plan and no lights, no place to put her, so I never finished one...Now I'm about to start my grow 4.0!)
Anyways, I LOVE what you have accomplished with this plant of yours in such a short amount of time! AMAZING!!! I can't WAIT till you get all the journal details up!!! ( Check out the tabs up above and look for the one that has the "posting guidelines" I believe it's called, it's not listed like that, it's under another tab, like "420 hq" or "forums" or someplace like that up there that I just can't remember...Some people even have the guidelines link at the bottom of their page as a signature link, so that people can easily find it if they are on that person's page....It tells you how to lay out your grow journal like the rest of us, so that we may all get all the info out of your grow possible...that way we know exactly what's going on, whether that helps us or you, it does help! And that way we can all find the info we are all looking for in each other's journals...We need to know everything- is it soil or hydro? what type of hydro system if that's what you have? What type of nutes/ferts are you using? Is the plant(s) in veg or flower? What type and wattage of lights are you using? How many lumens? What day of veg or flower is it in? And so on...Yeah, it's a lot of info, but having it right there to look at, we can all help each other with any upcoming problems at a moment's notice, and we DO do that- help each other out when any problems arise, and I have personally seen it where a guy had a big issue with powder mold that was spreading like wildfire, and he told us all what was up, we could refer to his first page of his journal to see what were all the other factors are involved with this- the soil type, nutrients/ fertilizers used, etc...and then a few of our most esteemed and respected members chimed in with their possible diagnoses, he figured out what was wrong, with their help, and then they helped him fix it, and they saved his whole crop!!! I'll never forget that.....It happened right after I just got onto this site...It showed me how well this site works, the way it brings us all together in a way that we can all stay anonymous, yet be close enough to help each other and be there for each other...I LOVE this site, I go no where else for any reason...if it's cannabis related , I only need to look here and I will find it!
Sorry I went on and on, but I can't tell you how much this site means to me, and I think you will really love it as much as the rest of us do!
So I hope you get your stats up soon....even if you already started the journal, just do it now, and you can always edit your first postings if you want/ need to...I personally think it's fine to just do it now.....Anyways, I am subbed to your journal, it looks great!!! Keep up the good work kiddo, OH! And I can't wait to see those stats, like what genetics does it have? Is it Indica or Sativa? Etc...It's all in the journal outline.....
Whats good Hypno!!!
well as RVG beat me to it!!! but im going to do it anyways!!! :welcome: to the :420: community!!! hope you enjoy it here and share any thoughts, ideas, or personal experiences that can help any growers!!! look forward to seeing your work there buddy!!! make sure you enter in the contests and vote as well!!!
Feel free to come on into my journal and grab a seat!!! I have 2 grow going on right now!!! 2 outdoor ladies that i have grown from seed and my newest journal the indoor DIY tub setup of 3 different clones!!! it is sponsored by 1 of the :420: sponsors, :morenutes:BLUE PLANET NUTRIENTS!!!:morenutes:. Hope to see you around man not to mention I will be checkin in here to see how your ladies will do on harvest!!!

i only use aurora innovations roots organics soil and for my base flower nute i use gh flora nova i also use humboldt's county own gravity flower to get those calyx's swollen like josh koschecks eye when he fought gsp. i use for my bloom booster hpk from roots organics and to make everything bling i use the fox farms cha ching, i also use an bud candy for my sweetener and i also use for those extra carbs i use unsulphured molasis. i also did an experiment on this one by using an bud blood and it seemed to work really well that is everything that i use the genetics that i use are as follows tga subcool jilly bean, emerald triangles bubba 76 and the last one is the dinafem blue widow that is where most of my clones came from. for flower i use 2400 watts of hps power but right now all we got running right now is 1 of the 2 1000 watts right now since there is only 1 that i have flowering. and for veg i am using 2 2' 4 tube t5's for the mothers and babies the only nutes i use for veg is botanicare cal-mag plus when it shows signs of micro deficencies. now remember i am using a pantech p7040p cell phone with a 1.3 mega pixel camera i also use a 36 site aero cloner but had to take it out of the mother/clone room but when i get it up and running again i am going to be using my 90 watt pro gro ufo from -------------------
here are pictures of day 32-33 out of 63-68 of the flowering plant and getting ready to flip the majority of the plants in veg over i am flowering out my g-13 labs blue venom in these pix but i highly suggest dont get any of their genetics not very much vigor
These pictures were taken 3 days ago. There are some veg pictures and some day 34 of flowering. I also just flipped the bubba 76 over 3 days ago. Iwill get some new picture up in a day or two.
These are almost all of my medication right here when i was uploading one of the pictures didnt want to load i will try to get that loaded as soon as possible.
Yeah, I was wondering where Hypno went myself, since I haven't seen him on lately...I was so looking forward to seeing what he had in that harvest of that blue widow...too bad, that was a gorgeous plant...I hope you come back to us, Hypnotictonic, man!
We miss you!!!!:circle-of-love::popcorn::cheer::bravo:
I'm still around but between doctors appointments, work, going out with friends, and seeing my child (which I'm not allowed to take care of my meds when he's here) i haven't had time to get on the forums to upload any pictures or anything else. I still got to get this blue widow ready for harvest next week and get her entered again in the potm of september. Sorry it took so long to get this up but I am extremely busy with life right now. But all in all she is doing so great that a buddy from Oregon is driving to me just to get a couple of clones from me of this blue widow in trade for some tga subcool chernobyl beans so that makes me happy. Im looking at probably a 6-10 oz harvest off of her. I will get photos uploaded as soon as I can. Boombaklot also has seen my photos most recently because of xbox live, hes posting these things to be a smart ace and to get me back into these forums.
How did this grow turn out?

We would love to be updated with some pictures and info! :blushsmile:

How about posting a 420 Strain Review?

If you need any help with posting photos, please read the photo gallery tutorial:
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I am moving this to abandoned journals until we get updates.

Thanks and hope all is well in your world!

Love and respect from all of us here at 420 Magazine!
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