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  • loooooong time since I ran into u in a thread. Saw u in an old thread I'm still subscibed to. Jus dropping in to say high bro. Drop me a line or two if u have a few. Keep it green, :peace:
    Dude, I don't know how I was not your friend, but that's now resolved. I was in this thread and thought of you.
    Same photos of higher resolution would be great. I know you've got some excellent photos of Nosebleed.
    Greenisland - no just saw your journal and I think the strain you have is totally awesome!!
    No problem GI, here you go;)

    Please send your personally owned high resolution pictures (at least 2-5 MB up to 35-50 MB in .JPG, .RAW, .TIF, file formats) to photos@420magazine.com, or by snail mail to PO Box 3420 Hollywood, CA 90078. Please include all the sticky particulars such as your name or handle, city and/or state, strain name, effects of the high, weight, etc.
    Wow I'm retarded...I just figured out how to respond to these messages..!
    Anyway...yea I'm pretty much a daily lurker around here...one of these days
    I'll get my grow room going again.. You have fantastic work man! Now to figure out this friends thing..
    Your nosebleed is just amazing, i love exotic looking plants and I'm not sure that words can describe how amazing your plant looks.
    Hey read your last post on strongest weed. Its funny how the question seems so easy to answer but it never is. Your posts are really good though. Hope you enjoy it here on this site. The community is really welcoming.
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