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Getting old and CRS (Can't Remember ummm Squat yeah that's it ;) :rofl: ) is setting in. Some I have grown with a few Dispensary flower pics thrown in here and there, while I try to get the hang of taking pics and potentially editing my pics (we shant hold our breath on that one as I am technology challenged ;) ).

First up one I have grown.

Deep Purple (Purple Urkle and Querkle cross):


One on right one on left Dairy Queen in next post:

Next up one I grew from seed.

Blue Widow (Blueberry and White Widow cross)

One that was a Clone I sexed and let it go full cycle:


Mother of Clone and Clones Sister (smaller of two) that I just harvested and still drying:

Very nice :thumbs: are these Subcool Genetics?

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The Dairy Queen and Deep Purple are the TGA Subcool (well I think as Dispensary Clones), I have seeds of both that I bought afterward with the TGA placard. The Blue Widow seed was one my Son got from a friend of his, so no idea on that one far as Breeder or if something else goes.
Dispensary Flower I bought today, I prefer the Sativa dominant stuff, but this one was higher than I usually like to spend at $14 a g (so I only will pay that from time to time to try something new or something I wanted to try ;) for what that worth :rofl: ).

Galactic Jack (Jack Herer and Space Queen according to Dispensary):

One more for now as about it around here worth attempting to take pics of (key word attempting ;) :rofl:)

Oregon doesn't allow names of strains that could be enticing to children, so Girl Scout Cookies is GSC now etc..... another $10.40 a g stuff (half of the Dispensaries around here do the odd pricing, again just even it up to a dollar amount, up or down I don't care sheesh ;))

Cirrus AKA most other places Candyland (Grand Daddy Purple and Bay Platinum Cookies cross):

Took some pics of some Sirius Black I bought at a Dispensary. I won't pay $14 a g very often, but this was sooooo trippy looking I had to try it ;) :rofl::rofl: definitely leans Indica so a later in the day before bed kind of thing ;)
Been neglecting this thread, need a tripod for better pics ;) :rofl:

Example of price dropping like a rock with Legal Rec as I think Supply must be higher than Demand now with all the folks trying to get in the game. Dispensary had Obama Kush for 5 grams for $20, and that price includes the 20% tax for Rec, they still have higher priced stuff price wise with the above 20% THC as this one is 14.5% THC, but IMHO there is more in the makeup of the high than just the THC . I always have a soft spot for anything with purple in it:


Seems to have an up high so far as tried some earlier.
Been neglecting this so lets travel back a bit and catch up as missed a few once I got shed fixed up and going.

Couple of the Blue Widow Clones prior to harvest in September:


Crown Royal that was harvested later in September:



My outdoor experiment, a Lilac Jack and a Dairy Queen that I cloned from a Dispensary clone:





A Black Columbian that wasn't cooperating so put it into Flower when she wasn't real big to try out the smoke:



And my Strain I made off of a Dairy Queen Female Clone and a Blueberry Male from seed....think we decided to call it Blue Blizzard ;) as was joking around at first but it actually sounded like a good name ;) :rofl: :



The Black Columbian and Blue Blizzard haven't been chopped yet, the BC is getting close but the BZ has awhile to go yet.
The lattice board gave me some ideas :thumb:

Home depot had them premade 2'x8' out of Cedar so was easier than me trying to cut sheets of that and box it in, then I had son coat it with Water Seal stuff to keep it looking nice for a few seasons anyway ;)

Been awhile since I put anything here (not sure if lazy or just got the "blahs"), some pics of things currently going.

Breeding experiment 2.0 (Blue Widow (female) crossed with my Blue Blizzard (male from Breeding experiment 1.0):

A Quantum Kush that I'm trying out:

My 2 outdoor girls this year:

Blue Widow (front one in pic above):

Crown Royal (back one in first outdoor pic):

Blue Widow indoor harvested last month:

Well so far the rain we had hasn't messed up my outdoor girls (no Budrot to be found yet), getting colder so the Blue Widow starting to change color to purple. Hopefully weather holds out for both, though the Crown Royal looks like it will take a week or two longer than the Blue Widow will:

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