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  1. A very windblown mystery purple

    A very windblown mystery purple

    This image is all about the wind!. Grown from Purple Haze bag seed. My friend grew some in winter that went purple, so this is an experimental summer purple. The wind has been gusting and tearing through the garden for the last two days. I am growing this outdoors in a bag of ready mixed soil.
  2. Red Afro

    Red Afro

    #3 Day 2 Flower
  3. L

    Purple Pistils?

    Anyone ever grown any strains that have had pink or purple pistils growing along with normal coloured pistils ? This is my first time with some colour showing this early on strain is Amherst sour d ..... they’re on week 2 of flower I don’t count first week .... running cx horticulture nutes line...
  4. C

    Dark shiny leaves cupping problem: Help!

    Hi guys, so its muy first grow in mapito and i am having some trouble. I have a 400w hps. Let me say i already done some hydro grows buy only in clay Pebbles and never had this issue. Now, my plants are still young at around 3 weeks into veg, new growth is getting dark shiny leaves and are...
  5. Purple unicorns

    Purple unicorns

    Summer 2020
  6. Purple unicorns

    Purple unicorns

    Summer 2020
  7. Purple unicorns

    Purple unicorns

    Summer 2020
  8. Purple unicorns

    Purple unicorns

    Summer 2020
  9. Fruity Pebbles OG!

    Fruity Pebbles OG!

    Fruity Pebbles OG. Lot’s of purple, and blue! Frosty!
  10. 1 - Frosty and purple

    1 - Frosty and purple

  11. Red Afro clones

    Red Afro clones

    1 gal
  12. Red Afro

    Red Afro

  13. 3562AE1C-435F-418C-BC2F-670E0FE07516.jpeg


    Extremely frosty nug!
  14. Turning purplr

    Turning purplr

  15. Red Afro

    Red Afro

    Stock turning purple and green in waves going up the stem
  16. Blue Dream above

    Blue Dream above

    Week 3 Flower
  17. Blue Dream

    Blue Dream

    Week 3 Flower
  18. 0203201526b_HDR~2.jpg


  19. Tahcoe

    Gotta Crawl Before You Walk!

    1/12/2020 11:00 A.M. Hi everyone, Setting up!! We are finally a medical state and have our licenses to cultivate our meds. (husband and wife combo here both licensed so we can have total of 12 flowering, 12 clones, 12 seedlings-- eventually) 1st Time Growing- these are the 2 strains we will...
  20. CPK


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