1. Purple trichs!

    Purple trichs!

    Cheese near harvest turning purple after a few cooler nights
  2. ilei

    What strain is this?

    Could someone guess what strain this is? I’m growing it for like 8 weeks now but the seed i used was found in a bag of 12,5 grams of purple pot. So I’m guessing it’s a purple strain but there are like dozens of purple strains so I’m kinda struggling to identify this plant. Can anyone take a...
  3. Canuk Cookies

    Canuk Cookies

  4. 2percentmilk

    2PercentMilk's 9 Plant Outdoor Garden 2019

    Hey guys, its a new season and a new season to give it my all. This year to me seemed to come way too suddenly and i was not prepared in the slightest. It took me until April 4th until i finally germinated my seeds. Many did not make it because they had been knocked over by the dog i had enough...
  5. Cannygrow

    Lollipop yes or no?

    Hey guys just wanted to get y’all I put on wether or not I should lollipop my oldest girl .Critical purple from G.C on about the 36 day , I presume she is in the first week to second week of flowering. This is my first grow and wanted some seasoned advice should I or should I not lollipop? And...
  6. 20190312_112151.jpg


    Purple Kush
  7. 20190312_112056.jpg


    Purple Kush
  8. IMG_20181112_104129.jpg


    Purple Gelato #45.
  9. IMG_20181112_104149.jpg


    Purple Gelato #45.
  10. IMG_20181112_104254.jpg


    Purple Gelato #45.
  11. RAIN MAN

    Gelato #45

    Some purple Gelato #45. Heavily covered in THC, and orange hairs. Smells so strong that a few nugs makes my whole property smell!
  12. L

    Help problem with leaves on seedling

    Hi all, I have a problem with my seedling, leaves are green and pinged up but look rough on the edges and has red/purple in them middle. Light is 300w LED, is my light too close?
  13. C

    From the series: How does my training look and do you have any tips for the future

    Hi fellow growers :) It's been a while since my last grow, and essentially, my last post. The grow I currently am doing, is one of the few I plan to do untill holidays. It's Purple Queen strain. Today I decided I need to use this garden string(or whatever's it's name) to pull the side calyxes...
  14. Canuk Cookies

    Canuk Cookies

    Canuk Cookies
  15. Cinderella 99

    Cinderella 99

    End of week 6
  16. 35416242_2115397522122046_4952152834805071872_n.jpg


    purple jpg
  17. EE17D66C-5B5D-4D81-B6FE-B3B35040F674.jpeg


    Durban Poison Bud, this plant was odd from beginning to end. I took down the top half and left the bottom to finish a little more.
  18. Momma's Kitchen


    Hey guys, I have a couple Blueberry (F) and they are ... ok. I heard such great things about them but the buds that are forming are they aren't full looking. They are wispy looking. Any advice? No evidence of any bugs, or nutrients issues. The plant looks good other than the buds look ... empty...
  19. TorturedSoul

    Auto Purple Skunk Mass - Critical Mass Collective?

    Has anyone here grown - or even smoked - Auto Purple Skunk Mass, from Critical Mass Collective? I got one of the seeds a while back as a freebie, and am trying to find some information beyond the breeder/seedbank spiel. A quick web search netted me NOTHING, which is somewhat troubling.
  20. IcyStacks

    Icy's 2k Coco Adventure - 97 Blue Moonshine x Purple NL#5 & NL#5 x Tripoli Wicked

    Hello all :welcome:. Here we are at ~4 weeks after planting seeds. Plants were waterlogged for a few days in the coco, which cost me 8-9 days of growth but they are back on track now. I'm running: 2000W of light (dimmed to 1500w now) in a 5'x9' tent under 18/6 lighting BigWorm's '97 Blue...
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