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Hi fellow growers :)
It's been a while since my last grow, and essentially, my last post. The grow I currently am doing, is one of the few I plan to do untill holidays. It's Purple Queen strain.

Today I decided I need to use this garden string(or whatever's it's name) to pull the side calyxes to the side, so they get more light. And it seems that it's actually not that bad.
I was planning to maybe finally use scrog, but I missed the moment when should I actually top it, and just let it grow. So afterwards, i thought maybe LST will do, but i wasn't really sure how to work it out on mine. So you know, how and where exactly make the bending of the main cola... So here I am, trying to get as much light as I can with bending of fan leaves and side calyxes.

So, here it goes. I didn't want to use defoliation, since I'm not an experienced grower, and I figured I might actually hurt my plant, instead of making progres. Although, i figure that if I only cut the fan leaves of the main cola, perhaps it could work. Although, I do not have the knowledge when it may actually be the right moment to do it.
This post is kinda looking for confirmation, but also it was made out of curiosity, what would you do from now on, in my current situation

Here's the pic from today
If this were mine, i would have topped it multiple times for 8 cola's, to fill out that entire tent. From there i would heavily defoliate so that light gets completely through the plant.

In your case as it is, i would say its safe to go ahead and defoliate a little more in the middle there so that light gets inside. Maybe 4 or 5 large fan leaves will do, cut anything thats shading a lot beneath it. If you dont feel comfortable doing that for now, go ahead and just let her keep going as is :)

im a firm believer in heavy defoliation :3
I think it is early enough you can top it and those lowers will fatten up. It is close but ...hinestly... your plant looks healthy. I smidge too much nitrogen but nothing to worry about. If you keep it up that top one will triple in size and hit the top and heat stress and burn and hermi.

You top that and then you have an even canopy and all the flowers ripen evenly.

But you are close to the packing it on stage where you really back off the whole messing with it.

I say do it now.

Or break the stem over and it will be fine.
Damn... 25th October was approximately the beginning of the fourth week of the Flo stage. And it didn't grew much during those few days. And I think she already had her rapid growth phase. Although I still technically can raise the light, so maybe it won't be hanged too low... On second hand, topping it now would actually mean having them ripe evenly, maybe even as if they all were the main cola... Hmm... And you said I I could break it, so just supercropp it, and again, technically, it could possibly mean having canopy on the same level AND having them ripe equally...

Alright, for now they just got fed(hopefully they won't get burned, since I made the nutes dosage bigger, according to schedule), and I'm going to bed, so I'll decide tomorrow.

However, could you help me decide? Do you think that if I broke(supercropped) the main stem, so it's on the same level with other colas, could result in having them ripe equally big?
Or would you rather just top it on the level of other colas? Although that would mean losing some of the flower that already grew on the main cola, while breaking it could save it.
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