1. E

    First Grow - Feedback Requested

    Hey guys, This is my first grow. I took 4 Lemon Haze seeds from my stash and bought a 300W dual-spec LED and got started on my first grow, in my closet. They grew in a closet environment for 3 months, with heavily stunted growth due to temperatures often exceeding 110'F in the area. However...
  2. IMG_2940.jpg


    OG Kush Week 6, Day 2
  3. Start of Week 6 (2).jpg

    Start of Week 6 (2).jpg

    Start of Week 6 OG Kush
  4. April 2nd Week 5 (4).JPG

    April 2nd Week 5 (4).JPG

    OG Kush Flowering Week 5.
  5. Week 4 (1).JPG

    Week 4 (1).JPG

    OG Kush End of Week 4 Flowering on 3/30/18.
  6. Michal and pichal at watering time

    Michal and pichal at watering time

  7. db003

    Db003 Prism Lighting Science 315W CMH - Top Shelf Elite In Super Soil - 2x4 Grow Tent

    hello everyone its me db003 back at it again with another auto grow I will be growing some autos this time I will be growing 4 autos in my tent all of them are from the same breeder they are from top shelf elite and as with all my auto grows I will be using a 18/6 lighting schedule I...
  8. Caper420


    I started 4 plants 2 were auto 2 were not ..there in a 4x4 tent under a 1200 led light what should I do or will they be ok together??? The grow time for each is about the same.. Type:Auto-flowering Indoor / Outdoor Growing: Easy Flowering Time: 8 Weeks Type:Feminized Indoor /...
  9. Old Salt

    Third week of flowering - Do I prune some more?

    The Details: Strain: CKS Crown Royale (70% Indica) # of Plants: 4 (approx 8 colas / plant) Grow Type: Coco Cuir Grow Stage: Flowering (Day 103 of Grow / Day 20 of Flowering) Grow Cage Size: 3.8 US gal / 14.5l (1" [2.5cm] cage mesh / 2" [5cm] screen mesh) Lights: (300W Actual) King X6...
  10. baxbax

    Can I use this insecticide during flowering? Need suggestion

    Spider mites , i found strong Insecticides specified for mites but don't know CAN I USE IT DURING FLOWERING ON MEDICINE GRADE CANNABIS ? this is the link of this Insecticides : Bayer Envidor Insecticides | Crop Science US
  11. Webuilt

    Webuilt Indoor LED Tent Grow

    Hello Again, Starting my second tent grow. Very happy with my first tent grow thanks to all the help on 420. Reading hundreds of journals, gave me new tips and ideas each day. Thanks to all who participate in 420. I plan on three (3) plants this run, in my 2 x 4 x 5 tent. Some changes are...
  12. S

    Temps during first 3 weeks of flowering?

    Hey guys! Read a few conflicting ideas on this but what's the best night at day time temps during first 3 weeks of flowering? Some say keep it's quite close together to stop streatxh and others say keep between 5-10 of a difference? Any help appreciated :)
  13. S

    New and needing advice asap

    Hello all! I'm doing a basement grow, keeping it around 3-4 females in flowering as I have my clones in veg. So this is my first time ever doing clones and its not working how I jad thought. I was thinking total disaster, nothing will survive, waste of time. But I cut 6 clones, 20 days...
  14. flashmp3

    Should I flip to flowering? 13/11?

    Hi, I need some advice about going to flowering. I have a grow journal in progress but I guess it maybe not as visited as this forum. As I don't want to double post would you mind helping me? All the details of my question are in this post : Blue Dream x Tutankhamon x Green Crack...
  15. T

    Premature Flowering

    Long story short. Cuts were taken from 18/6 light to outdoors and flowering at bout 25 cm. Stretch finish full flower. Question will they do there thing ? Im not worried bout crappy yield as i have to be conspicuous.
  16. S

    Flowering question

    Hello all. I searched the forums but didn't see the answer I seek. I have a plant in flowering stage with 12/12 light cycle. It is in a DWC with air stones. It seems to be very healthy. It's been in the 12/12 cycle nearly two full weeks but I see no buds forming I do see a whole bunch of...
  17. T

    Auto flowering

    Im thinking about trying auto flowering strains this time but Its my first time. My question is how many plants should I aim for in a 2,4mx2,4m (6m2) with 4x600w hps. growing Sog and a coco, perlite and vercumlite mix. Since I have no control over veg and cannot flower them when right size, I...
  18. SweeetExide

    PC Hydro-SWC White Cookie 2018

    The idea was to build a stealth pc to start clones or seedlings, then I got carried away and wanted to see just how well a few things work to the end of a plants life cycle. those things are: 1. The lights (Philips 13w LED's) 2. The SWC (Shallow water culture) 3.The smell (DIY carbon...
  19. W

    Don't think I got what I ordered?

    Hi I ordered Cali OG kush/haze. I sprouted 3 seeds. One died all good but the one I swear is an indica. It is also an autoflower as it is flowering and I have not triggered it to do so. Any feedback?? What's
  20. R

    My first grow indoors

    2x600W HPS dual 'naked' Any questions or comments always welcomed with a smile Day 36 just turned them into flowering 12/12 A few problems on the way. I have three little ones I am just about to re pot Panama Bangi Haze Pineapple Chunk Thank you.