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  1. Commando45

    8th week flowering, how much longer would you let her go?

    5 1/2 months old bagseed, had my issues with her, poor start too life 1st 6weeks, all good now...anyhow i got my dates mixed up...shes in her 8th week flowering, in soil..just wondering how long too let her go, start flushing tommorow an let her go another 1 ..2 weeks?...in two minds lol...heres...
  2. W

    Wondering how many weeks

    Hello I was just wondering if anyone more experienced than me ( my first time :p) could try and guess how many weeks into flowering my plant is? Or how many more weeks I need to go? My plant is a dark angel from crop king seeds and I was away for august so Im not really sure if or when it...
  3. zurple

    Hating To Ask A Flowering Question!

    I have searched through these threads and a few others about switching over to flower. My question has probably been asked before, but my question has a little more to do with my Timber grow lights. Hopefully, someone from Timber might chime in. My bagseed grow is at 40 days and I am going to...
  4. received_2462670287302146.jpeg


    3.5 weeks since flipping
  5. received_364577484464221.jpeg


    Days 23 of 12\12
  6. received_2456771747695241.png


  7. received_1292381570936952.jpeg


    Pistol emerging from calyx.
  8. Spacegypsy

    Will my auto flowers get fatter?

    Hey everyone, I'm new here, and also this is my first grow. I'm growing outdoors, my plants are getting plenty of sun, the weather has been nice and warm (maybe too warm sometimes). I'm using 25 l pots and soil (few years old sheep/cow manure perfectly composted) with some chicken poop in the...
  9. L

    Outdoors newborn from bag seed

    found a couple bag seeds,threw 1 in the ground and it germinated! 1st outdoor grow. Hope it grows female. we will see...
  10. Optimus913

    Lonely Afghan Kush

  11. 52319.jpg


    growth after 12/12 flip
  12. T

    Help! Am i ready to harvest? 8 week flowering strain

    Hello guys. This is my 3rd grow but my first using a photoperiod. I have TH critical HOG. 5 girls and very close to being done. I'm just wondering when to harvest and a good way to. I normally count back the weeks in harvest, but I totally forgot when i put these girls in flower. I have a...
  13. C

    My Soil Gold Leaf Grow Journal, 2019

    Hey there folks, this is a journal about my 3 plants and their progress during the first 30 days into flowering, as well as info about how I am growing them. If you know how to correct deficiencies and could share with me some of your insight that would be super cool. The strain that I decided...
  14. engineerweed

    My 45 degree girl

    Here is my prized baby.My second year of growing now.She is a mango hybrid and n HST her to a 45 degree permanently i straightened out the branches while she was still growing
  15. S

    New bud sites turning brown

    What Strain is it? Blueberry, GG#4 How Many Plants? 4 Is it in Vegetative or Flowering Stage? Flowering If in Flowering Stage... How Long? 2 weeks Indoor or Outdoor? Indoor Soil or Hydro? Canna Coco Size (Wattage) of Light? How Many? LED, one 320W and 2 195W Is it Air Cooled? Fan vented...
  16. R

    When should all the calyx's open up..?????

    Hi I have two female pineapple chunk plants that are on their 9th week of flowering since 12/12. overall they seem quite good, nice bit of bud on them however althou they have bud growing all over them there are unopened calyx's with a browned pistil sticking out at nearly all the...
  17. R

    Pineapple Chunk: Underdeveloped calyx week 8?

    Hi I'm hoping that somebody might be able to help me, I'm quite new to growing but I have 2 Pineapple chunk plants from barneys farm. They have both grown to about 1.4m and went into 12/12 about 8 weeks ago all seemed fine at first the calyx's swelled up and opened and bud devlopment seemed...
  18. S

    How's My Progress? Day 23 Flower

    Growing Chem Dog #4 and Power Plant from Growers Choice Seeds. First Grow, but I feel I have done tons of research and know quite a bit now. These were slow growing I feel overall. 2 months veg (from seed). Flowering, now day 23, they have stretched almost 2x (it seems less because i keep LST...
  19. 34B4A214-9E89-4A71-9680-3098EDBF7E2E.jpeg


    The white widow x atf week one flowering .
  20. Growingasmile

    Is this a male part?

    Here's to hoping.
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