Vertical & Horizontal Training

First impressions: He mentions being happy with a pound per light. I pull over a pound so that's good. I've been up to 28oz per light so 1 3/4 lbs. Close to his quoted "expert" level of two pounds per light.

His trimming technique is quite similar to mine already. I also remove the lowest nodes early, my plants are topped once a few weeks before his are. Mine are usually 12-18 inches vs his 19-24. I trim out more of the top nodes as well. Usually taking off 3-7 nodes vs his 2 or 3.

The biggest differences are here actually leaves more branches coming off the main stalk than I do. I only leave 4-6. He uses 8.

The single biggest difference is that I use the screen to force everything to make a level canopy. This allows everything to receive equal amounts of energy from the lights. In turn they all get the same amount of energy provided from the roots.
I haven't had chance to watch video just yet but am I on track then or should have I of topped later on?

Yeah with me getting two lights at least all my canopy will be getting great coverage so I will just keep tucking and weaving daily, plus with me not using bigger mesh this time at least I can have a better scrog, my first attempt I used with this 50*50mm mesh the canopy was level barring a 50mm pitch in the middle :).
It takes a lot of work to make a perfectly level scrog. I get lazy and let em go sometimes. Haha. Like the second pic above.

Yours look good. Usually those lowest nodes get cut off. Yours are growing nicely. To get them to grow up a little more trim the lowest nodes on those lowest side branches. Trimming off growth on the bottom of the plant promotes upward growth. Trimming on the top of the plant promotes bushiness. You can also "ponytail" them. You literally pull the fan leaves up into a pony tail and hold it in place with plant wire. This let's light get down to those little side branches without having to cut the fan leaves off. Don't leave the pony tail in place for more than 12 hours though. Let them recover overnight and you can repeat as much as needed.

Personally I don't recommend topping more than once. The more you top the smaller the buds will be.

Your prime objective is keeping all the nodes the same distance from the light. When they are all equal they all get more energy. The tallest bud is the apical node this is where the plant directs the most energy. If it thinks they are all the apical node they all get that energy. If one gets ahead it starts to get ahead rapidly.

One of the tricks I use in my scrogs.

See the green plant wire on a diagonal. I add in more places to tuck plants under the net. Your not trying to grow buds up through the holes. You need the net to hold the branches down so all the buds stay level. (I know I sound like a broken record but it really is the most important part, once you see it in action it really sinks in) The buds should basically grow up at the net lines, not in the middle of a hole, if that makes any sense.

I have not run any of the Sensi stuff but they are on my short list of breeders to run. I think you would be happy with any of their offerings.
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