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Hello all I'm currently growing 3 plants in coco and I am growing specifically for yield as I plan to make concentrates and edibles so quality of the buds is not highly necessary and I would like people's opinions and help tweaking My potential setup of be very grateful for any genuine advice!

My grow space is a 2*4 grow tent, I'm growing in 12L fabric pots using Canna Coco mixed with Perlite, 10L of Perlite was mixed to 25L of coco so a good mix to help the roots breath, I plan to water upwards of 3x a day once I'm in flower.

I'm currently using Advanced Nutrients Sensi A&B & House and Garden Roots Excelurator currently concentrating on trying to get the roots established, I'm also adding Great White to the top of the coco and adding more coco topping the pot off while feeding Great White every other watering, I plan to switch to Canna Nutrients once I'm in flower using there Cannazym, Boost & PK.

I plan to top top at the 5-6th node and I'm stuck from here :laugh:.

I'm using a 400w HPS full spectrum bulb or I can use 2 250w HPS, I was planning on using a Mars Hydro SP250 but undecided but I'm sure someone will let me know there views.

I am planning on scrogging around 30-45cm above pot height, 30cm from each side I will put a 45° screen going on an angle grabbing those few extra inches but I also plan to fit 2ft of screen on the side of the tent too so I can also try and scrog that little extra space, any over hangers I will tie them up to prevent breakages.

My target yield is 25oz, call it absolutely madness but I am a trier, hopefully my setup is somewhere near perfect.

Is it possible and if so or you would change something what would it be?
use the 2x250s they should be about perfect for flower
if you scorg you should be able to pull close to 2g a watt so your yield sounds doable
I've pulled 15.7oz from a 2' X 4' tent. Two plants were in there, Candida (3.3oz) and Cream & Cheese (12.4oz). I think your plan is ambitious, but may be possible. It will depend a lot on the strains you grow. You'll need some with heavy yields.
I think 15 is pretty good considering the size and it think you said that you main lined so there will of been the off space so it baby be doable or 20oz may be the limit.

This strain on growing is Cheese from Seedsman they currently have 40-60 days veg time remaining as there only just growing there 2nd node now.

The strain that im using states on there site it's a 4-500g per sqm so I imagine that's a scrog too, may be wrong however.
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