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  1. Three happy ladies

    Three happy ladies

    Cheese, Franco's Lemon Cheese, Candida
  2. Cheese


  3. Cheese


    Tall girl, I like Cheese
  4. Cheese


    Cheese next to a tomato plant
  5. This is a better arrangement

    This is a better arrangement

    Left rear Franco's Lemon Cheese, right Cheese, front Candida
  6. Cheese


    Moved the short one here
  7. Two Cheese

    Two Cheese

    One is way taller than the other, looking forward to both.
  8. Six little plants

    Six little plants

    Six ladies, left to right, back row first, Franco's Lemon Cheese, Cd-1, Cheese. front row , Triple Cheese, CD-1,Cheese. Getting crowded, gonna spread them around.
  9. 8C42E063-654D-4486-8594-C123C3BBE2DE.jpeg


    6 x cheese girls 12 Hours after tying down
  10. Cheese please!

    Cheese please!

    Two cheese plants, one has a leg up, sisters, but different.
  11. falstaffo

    Falstaffo's World Of Green, The 2nd Coming, Photos, Autos, Quantums & Quadlines!

    Hey guys and gals Ready to start the next batch, current grow journal still in progress hereplanned to just run one thread but for ease and less confusion piling it all in one il make a new one for next batch. so what do we have planned.. The strains 2 @SeedsMan Alaskan purple fem 2 00seeds...
  12. Cheese seedling

    Cheese seedling

  13. irie lion

    Multi-Strain Soil Grow: 400W MH & HPS

    Hi All. I am from sunny Cape Town, South Africa. With our outdoor grow season coming to an end (just chopped down 3 x Elvis plants grown outdoors) my growing buddy and myself have decided to move things indoors on a small scale for winter. Grow specs: Home-built grow box 1.2m x 1.2m x 2m in...
  14. CannaBeardGrows

    CBD Cheese Auto: Just What The Doc Ordered

    Ok Let me start off by stating I'm new to this, growing and reviewing, but this strain was... JUST WHAT THE DOCTOR ORDERED I love cheese, UK or otherwhys im an old fan of skunk strains and have been shown the light a few years ago with high CBD and when I got my ACMPR i was looking for a nice...
  15. J

    Please help diagnose spots/marks on leaves

    Hi Guys – I'm a first time grower and this is my first post. Please help identifying a problem. Strain - Cheese photoperiods # of Plants - 2 Grow Type - Soil Grow Stage - Sprouted 19 days ago. Pot Sizes - 3 & 5 gallon fabric Lights - (4) 80 Watt LED full spectrum +...
  16. CannaNoob

    Cheese & Purple Kush Autos

    So these are a couple weeks behind to flower would boosting with bloom nutes be a good option?
  17. M

    New grower: Need help, advice, tips, pictures

    hello, first of all. i have 2 main question. 1. does hydroguard kill or keep algae away? 2. my plant is stunned and some of the leaves have brown vein/spot on them. how do i combat this problem? is this an algae or nutrition issue? info regarding my setup: i have been closely following this...
  18. G

    Gimik's Quantum Grow: GG#4 x Cheese x White Widow

    Hi Everybody! Welcome to my 2nd grow attempt =) My goal from this journal is to get feedback from the community and help me become a better grower through asking questions and taking advice from you guys! First off some information about my grow: Genetics: I am growing three different genetics...
  19. H

    1st Grow LED 600

    Hey Fam, here are some Photos of Franco's Lemon Cheese and Arjan's Strawberry Haze. I topped the Lemon Cheese, and left the Strawberry as she is. Started Flushing two weeks ago. Some Hairs are still white, but the trichomes are 90 % cloudy already ... Question: I don't know if I should wait...
  20. Greenhouse Seeds

    Greenhouse Seeds

    Three feminised Cheese seeds
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