Mars 1600, RDWC 80F-86F, 4 Strains, 6 Plants, 4x4


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This should be quite a ride! Hope you guys enjoy the show!

Tent: 48x48x96 (4x4)

Light: Mars 2 1600

Fans: 1 large oscillating fan, 1 inline fan for bringing in air on bottom. 1 small 6' fan up top to pull air out. Inline fan on the bottom creates a nice positive pressure to blow out the hotter air.

RH: Varies from 36 to 68, most of the time its a good 50 - 55%

System: 7x bucket system, each bucket 5 gallons. 6 buckets for plants, 1 for reservoir.

Strains: 3x Gorilla Glue #4, 1x blue dream, 1x Super glue, 1x Sour Diesel
The gorilla glue were given to me and have been a great strain, blue dream was from seedsman, superglue was from bud i got from a neighbor, Sour Diesel came from last harvest stressed plant seeded bud.

Water Temps: 80f - 86f all the time.
Additives: Hydroguard + calimagic
During flower ill be using: Bud Candy, Big Bud and Overdrive. The h202 and Z7 are just in case, ya never know when u might need em! I'll likely flush with h202 if i see any slime buildup or root rot. As for the Z7, i think ill try running that next grow instead of the Hydroguard.

This is my very first time around for any kind of hydro. I did 2 grows in soil and enjoyed it but im definitely enjoying hydro more. I've never used any extra additives before aside from calimagic, so this should be interesting come flower!

I know what you're all thinking, MY GOD! 80f + ?? ARE YOU MAD??!! Yes, yes i am :) I cant be bothered to use a chiller or frozen bottles so im wingin it and we'll see what happens! The water is most of the time 81f to 83f, but as of late its jumped up to 86f. Still no signs of root rot or slime so we are all good :D

I am currently on day 33 of veg and ill be adding a post later tomorrow or the next day to fill in all the days and everything thats happend up to this point. So far the only big issues i have ran into was a cal/mag deficiency due to 5.8ph being too low. Apparently in higher temp water u want a higher ph. Sounds odd sure, but it was suggested i raise to 6.3 and when i did, all issues went away (rust spots, a couple twisted leaf's, calcium spots). You will see from the pics :) Hope you guys enjoy this ride! Since there are not a lot of people that run high temps, this will be a good information informer for others that cant help high temps!

Here is today's pics, just a little teaser :3

Okay so here we go! Sorry for the holdup peops, here's everything that i've done up till today. I should mention now i always add calmag and hydroguard to all water in.

Day 1:
* All plants officially starting day 1. Most already have their true leaf's. Due to failed seeds i had to keep pushing the official day 1 back to let the new seeds get big enough.
* Water level is at 11 and 1/4th inches.
Reservoir temp=80f

Day 3:
* Added a little ph down.
Res Temp=80f

Day 4:
* Removed 1 gallon of water, level down to 10' 3/4th. Added 2 TBS + 1 Tsp of Hydroguard.
Res Temp=80f

Day 6:
* Lowered light down to 24' (was at 28').
* Added new intake fan to bottom of tent, inside temps dropped 2f. This new inline fan creates a nice positive pressure to blow out hotter air up top.
* Added new temp sensors
RH= 45%
Res Temp=82f
Tent Temp=82f
Room Temp=77f

Day 7:
Pics taken.
RH=27% - 32%
Tent Temp=84f
Room Temp=75f

Day 8:
* Removed 1 gallon of water, water level down to 9' 3/4th. (Just above basket level)

Day 9:
Removed 1 gallon of water.

Day 10:

Day 11:
* Hooked up new TDS meter that sits in res.

Day 13:
* Removed half gallon of water, water level is now down to 8 and 1/2 inches, this is 2' below basket for most plants. Water level varies per bucket, some are 2', some are 1 and a half.
* Raised light from 19' from tallest plant, to 22' from tallest.
* Plant 6 (Gorilla Glue #4) is showing signs of burnt tips on leafs.
ph/ppm= ?
Day 14:
* Topped all plants down to 4th or 3rd node.
* Removed 1 gallon / added 1 gallon of plain water and repeated until ppm's dropped to 450's range. Added calmag + hydroguard for each new gallon of water added. 6 gallons of water was switched out for plain water.
ph=6.33 (added ph down soon after this reading)
ppm=519 (before 6g of water that was changed out, now its 450's range)

Day 16:

Day 17:
* Topped all plants for the 2nd time.
* Added 1 gallon of water mixed with calmag + hydroguard
ph=6.22 (added ph down to get it to 5.96)
* Changed ph to follow a new chart of 6.3 for 3 days then 5.8 for 3 days. ph up added until ph was raised to 6.30)

Day 18: ph=6.28
Day 19: ppm = 420

Day 20:
* Added hooks to all the lids for easy training.
* Did a Rez change.
* LST done to all plants (training to grow in the way you want them to)
* Raised nute levels

Day 22:
* Pics taken
* Ph was at a high 6.8, ph'd it down to 5.7
* Raised light from 21' from top of plants, to 23' from top of plants.
Ph=6.8 (5.7 after adjusting)
ppm=low 900's

Day 23:
* Ph was 4.80's (guess i added too much ph down yesterday), added ph up and it went up to 6.24
* Topped all plants final time

Day 24:
* Ph set to 5.73 (didnt do it yesterday to give it some time to fully recirculate and see where we were)
* LST done to plant #2

Day 25:
* Set ph to 6.3 (Leaf's still showing signs of mag def.)
* Woke up later in evening and ph was down to 5.9's, added ph up to bring it to 6.1

Day 26:
* LST done to all plants.
Ph=6.03 (added ph up and brought it up to 6.24)

Day 27:

Day 30:
* Added 1G top up water
* Lightly defoliated for more light coverage
* Cal-mag deficiency's no longer plaguing me after running a higher ph of 6.3 and letting it drop towards 6.0 before raising again, as suggested by a member a few days back. That member said with higher water temps, you want higher ph. Seems to be holding true! I may let it drop down lower (like 5.7-5.8)to eat those lower ph nutes from time to time, for a day or 2.

Day 32:
* Added 2 gallons top up water yesterday. Added another gallon of water today. Plants are drinking like crazy since keeping a higher ph! Growth seems to be damn good as well. At this point im not seeing any issues or deficiency's.
* Bent P2 cola's to be even with rest of plants as it was stretching a bit more than i wanted.

Day 33:
* Added 1g top up water with nutes
* Adjusted ph back up to 6.3 (i let it eat at the lower ph for a bit since it dropped down that low)
* Started new clones in a humidity dome and its going amazing in comparison to just clones in the tent, which all died minus 1)
* Lowered light to 16-17', turned on 2nd light switch. Plants stretched much more than i anticipated and so i figure at this point they can handle the more intense light. The mars is now running at full power.

Day 34:
* Roots pics! Its funny how in person they look much lighter in color but in photo's the color shows more. Roots feel great, no slime, no smell!

Day 35: 6-18-18
* Added 1g top up water/nutes.
Day 37: 6-20-18
* Adjusted ph to 5.8 for a day or 2.
* Light raised to 17-18' from top of canopy
* Lightly defoliated for more light penetration.
pH=6.34/5.8 adjusted
Nute Temp=85f
Tent Temp=81f

Day 38:
* Added 1 TBs ph down before bed
* woke up, ph = 6.03, added 1 TBS ph down.
* Added 1 gallon top up water.

Day 39:
*ph=5.91, Added 1G top up water + 1 TBS ph down.
* 9 hrs later, ph=5.82, Added 1G top up + 1 Tsp ph down.

Day 40:
*ph=5.80's, Added 1G top up nutes + 1 TBS ph down
* 9 hrs later, ph = 5.73
* added 1G top up water
I'll keep my ph in this range and just keep topping up with unadjusted water to raise it back up slowly.
lets see them roots!
Haha glad to see some attention on here! I'm at work for 6 more hours but when I get home I'll do an update, I got some root pics on day 48 which is also when I did the light switch and rez change to start flowering. I believe I'm 6 days in to flowering now.

Plants are awfully bushy again and I'm contemplating a heavy defoil to let light in but I don't want to stall the stretching so I'm 50/50 on it.
I'll likely defoil, I'm leaning towards that. I wanted to wait until day 21 but not sure I can because of how bushy they are.
Day 41:
* ph=5.82, ppm=1080, NT=79.7f, TT=77f
* LST'd for a wider canopy and to fill space

Day 42:
* ph=5.89, NT=84f, TT=82f, rh=52%
* Heavy defoliation done to all plants, they recovered so quickly and became bushy since last defoliation.
* Raised light from 15' to 17' from top of tallest plant.

Day 43:
* ph=6.02, PPM=994, NT=84f, TT=81f, RH=52%
* Moved clones into separate tent. 8-9 days and all rooters had roots spewing out everywhere.

Day 44:
* ph=6.07, PPM=968, NT=82f, TT=81f, RH=56%
* Defoliated plants 1/2/3

Day 45:
* ph=6.10, PPM=940's, NT=81f, TT=79f, RH=41%
* Defoliated plants 4/5/6

Day 46:
* ph=6.04, NT=81f, TT=79f, RH=48%
* Topped up 1G nute water (Transition nutes)
* 9 hrs later topped up with another 1G transition nutes.
* Final heavy defoliation done to plants before flip.

Day 47:
* ph=6.07, PPM=892, NT=81f, TT=79f, RH=49%
* Defoliated once more before 36hr dark period. Pics Taken.
* Topped up 1G nute water Transition nutes, plus 1TBS ph up.
* 11am and 36 hr dark period begins until day 48 at 11pm.

Day 48:
* 11pm lights back on
* Rez change done and filled with early bloom nutes.
* Pics taken

F-Day 1:
* ph=7.3 (still slowly being recirculated with lower ph water)
* Added 4 TBS ph down
* Topped up with water+calmag+HG+1tsp Bud Candy (This will be the new top up water every time for the next 6 weeks until bud candy changes to big bud)

F-Day 2:
*ph=6.07, PPM-1200, NT=80f, TT=79f, RH=42%

F-Day 3:
*ph=6.08, NT=86f, TT=84f, RH=43%
* Added 1 TBS ph up

F-Day 4:
*ph=6.16, PPM=1140, NT=85f, TT=81f, RH=48%
*Topped up with 1g plain water + 1g nute water.
*Light is 12-13' from top of tallest plant, 16' for others that are shorter. My hopes is it'll slow down the closer ones stretch and give the lower ones time to catch up.

F-Day 6: 7/7/18
*ph=6.06, PPM=1120, NT=86f, TT=81f, RH=46%
* Added 1g top up + 1g nute top up
* Added 2TBS ph up.
* Light is 11-12' from top of tallest, 14' for others and higher for others. Thats the only problem with doing different strains, u get different heights.

You may notice the roots looking yellowish in some of the pics, this is just due to the grow light. Notice how pic 3 and 4 are the exact same yet different colors (same plant roots)
So far so good :D The stretch definitely got away from me in the beginning but i think i can make it work. I wasn't sure what to expect when it came to root rot and high temps, i was always under the impression you just couldn't really get away with it but with the hydroguard I've been running great! No slime or rot, just gotta run that higher 6.3 ph most of the time and ur good! What do you think BigBearNTexas, its lookin good so far :D

I would have gone for a full 56 days (8 weeks) veg if not for the stretching i had in the begenning. I really wanted tighter nodes but i've learned my light so ill be good for the next round!
Going to watch this. May just be the answers I've been looking for. Want to switch to hydro but have higher base line on my heat and pH levels. My soil grows pH at 6.5 to 7.5.
Going to watch this. May just be the answers I've been looking for. Want to switch to hydro but have higher base line on my heat and pH levels. My soil grows pH at 6.5 to 7.5.

I hope this grow helps you decide on switching if it turns out good! I can buy a chiller if i absolutely had to but tbh im already far enough in debt on the credit cards lol. Plus the electric use is already up to $70/month for my lights (another small one running in 2x2 tent for mother plants) so when you're on a budget, u try to make anything work lol
Yeah, the chiller is looking like its what you need at this point . I was wondering... 80+ degrees is murder I dont know how they got by this long but you must be changing out your water a LOT. are you using any hydroguard or are you h202ing?

whoops saw the hydroguard definitely keeping you alive!
As of late temps have often been 84 and 86 when lights on.
I have so far done 2 rez changes. The first was to reset the nutrients due to issues I was having early on of calmag deficiency. I did a rez change and started doing ph 6.3 as the general ph where I leave it and that solved my issues. Since then I have had no problems. The 2nd rez change was done on the day I flipped to 12/12 so to reset nutes and refill with flowering nutes.

If I can get away with it, I won't be doing a rez change at all for these next 60 days. Plants are drinking plenty. I wake up and add a gallon. Before sleep I add another 1 to 1 and a half gallons. When I see ppm drop down a good bit, I top up with nute mixed gallons of water for the day and watch for tip burn through the week. It's been pretty well going so far lol. I hope it stays that way.

I add calmag, bud candy, and hydro guard to all water in. Before flowering it was same minus bud candy.
Looks good in here. Definitely a lot of info that may save other people some headaches. I was dealing with higher res temps as well, but managed to get it under control. Its interesting to see what combinations work and what different people use to adapt to their situation. The plants look great and thats one heck of a canopy. Ill hang around for the ride if you dont mind. I always love a good grow show! Keep it green :)
Looks good in here. Definitely a lot of info that may save other people some headaches. I was dealing with higher res temps as well, but managed to get it under control. Its interesting to see what combinations work and what different people use to adapt to their situation. The plants look great and thats one heck of a canopy. Ill hang around for the ride if you dont mind. I always love a good grow show! Keep it green :)

I welcome the attention! The more the merrier! I just recently gave them a hell of a haircut. I'll probably do an update every week from now on.

F-Day 7:
*pH=6.24, PPM=1070, NT=85f, TT=82f, RH=40%
* Did a very heavy defoliation. Pics taken.
* Bent P7 as it was higher than the light.
* Light raised, its now 15' from tops for tallest plant, 17' for others and 18 for rest (roughly).

F-Day 8:
* Added 1 gallon nutes.

F-Day 9:
*pH=6.36, PPM=1180, NuteTemp=91f, TT=84f, RH=39%
* P3 (BD, Middle left plant.) shows female traits.
The nute temp shot up there since i had my door closed so it got a little warm. Once i was in the room on PC it started getting even warmer. At that point i opened window and placed a fan and it cooled down fairly quickly.

F-Day Day 10:
*pH=6.40, PPM=1210, NT=91f, TT=82f, RH=40%
*pH=6.64 in rez, 6.40 in p2's root zone.
*Added 1 TBS ph down.

F-Day 11:
*pH=6.32, PPM=1140, NT=88f, TT=82f, RH=37%
*Added 1 TBS ph down.

F-Day 12:
*pH=6.12, PPM=1040, NT=84f, TT=79f, RH=47%
*Fed 1G nutes
*Added 1 TBS ph down.

F-Day 13:
*pH=6.04, PPM=1040, NT=86f, TT=82f, RH=55f
*Added 1G Nutes
*Added 1 TBS ph down.
*Light defoliation to a few plants that were blocking light.

F-Day 14:
*pH=5.79, PPM=1240, NT=84f, TT=81f, RH=48%
*Added 2nd light in back of tent for the 2 smaller plants that were always outside from directly beneath light.
*Vid taken.

F-Day 15:
*pH=5.89, PPM=1280, NT=89f, TT=84f, RH=50%
*Started adding Big Bud to all waterings/feedings.

F-Day 16:
*pH=5.98, PPM=1220, NT=89f, TT=86f, RH=50%
*Defoliated upper & middle leafs for more light penetration.
*Bent all tall cola's down to a canopy level.
*Lowered light, it is now at 9' from top of canopy.
*Pics taken.

Things are still looking pretty good i'd say. I wish they didnt stretch so much, im getting some long space between some nodes due to still getting a hold on the new light. I'm surprised the mars has to be so close to the plants to stop the stretch. Makes me look forward to my new QB132 3500k x8 panels coming in :3 I'll be using that for my next grow.
Sooo, i went to take my usual measurements for temp, ph, nute value, all that good stuff, like i usually do. I noticed a few days ago the ppm was higher in a plant bucket vs rez bucket, but didnt think much of it because its done it a bit before. This time however it was at the 1500's range while rez bucket was 1100's. This prompted me to look a bit more so i grabbed a water line to see the water pressure and noticed it wasnt pumping ANY water through it. I checked the pump and it was still running. I unscrewed it and water sure enough was spraying out very quick with good pressure. Only thing i thought was left at that point was the filter. This is what it looked like haha

Its the first time i've taken it out to clean it since i started growing. I was unaware it required more frequent cleaning than after each harvest. I should mention there is always a fine powdery residue that slowly piles up in the rez bucket plus plant buckets. This all happend i believe due to me adding in calmag after all other nutes when it should have been Micro,calmag,Grow,Flower nutes. In fact all that residue could be the lack of calmag i was having early on in the grow as well. Either way, this is whats left of it all and looks like my filter picked up a large amount of it lol. This could also explain the rez temps hitting up into the 91f range since that pump was having to work overtime.

i'm gonna check the filter again in a week so its had time to pick up more of that shit around in the buckets.
Decided to check the filter again as i didnt see a lot of water movement in the res bucket. Sure enough it was about 1/3rd or maybe even 1/2 as thick as the pics up above. Its still cleaning out the bucket with shit thats left haha. Even when i stir the res bucket its got plenty of that powdery buildup thats just been sitting on the bottom of buckets for a good while and would resettle every time i would add water. I'll be checking/cleaning it again tomorrow, theres definitely less and less stuff in the rez bucket tho so it should be good soon.
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