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  2. P

    Phaaaze's Multi Strain 1000W HPS Grow 2018

    Backstory: Hello, I've been browsing and reading grow journals on this forum for over a year and others for many more. This is my first time starting a grow journal or joining a forum at all, but I've learned so much from reading on this forum I thought why not see what I can give back and...
  3. J

    Quick Journal Of My 1st Grow In A 4x4 Tent With A 2000W LED

    Strains: Iron Triangle x OG Kush and The 18 x Thunk. Number of Plants: 3 made it to flower. 2 Iron Triangle and one Thunk. Space: 4x4 vivosun tent. Light: King Plus 2000w LED. Pot size: 3 gallons. Nutrients: Homemade lol and pretty much nothing in flower. Growing medium: Coco Other Notes: Grew...
  4. vyserage

    Mars 1600, RDWC 80F-86F, 4 Strains, 6 Plants, 4x4

    This should be quite a ride! Hope you guys enjoy the show! Tent: 48x48x96 (4x4) Light: Mars 2 1600 Fans: 1 large oscillating fan, 1 inline fan for bringing in air on bottom. 1 small 6' fan up top to pull air out. Inline fan on the bottom creates a nice positive pressure to blow out the hotter...
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    17 days into flower
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    17 days into flower
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    4x4 600w grow
  8. C

    The Ultimate 4x4 Grow Tent

    Money....is no object. Only space: 4 feet by 4 feet by 8 feet (1.2m by 1.2m by 2.4m ) confines your PERFECT setup for creating the mostest/highest potency medicine a setup of this size can buy. What is your DREAM equipment for every component for this room? I would ask that you include model...
  9. F

    Which red spectrum light as a kicker to my 4x4 tent with 600Watt LED?

    Running a Viparspectra model 1200W ( 600 watt ) in a 4x4 grow tent. Need a great red spectrum kicker to kick up the budding.
  10. Spec420

    Spec420's Soil Lemon Sour Diesel LED Grow

    This is my first ever journal and thought what better place to post. I have been lurking here for years, but now am going to try to take what I have learned and apply it. Lemon Sour Diesel Happy Frog and Fox Farms Ocean Forest Soils 1200w China LED Grow Light - in 4x4 2x125w CFL's - in...
  11. A

    Nearby getting grow tent ideas!

    Hey guys. I grew 1 time in 4x4 tent in Colorado with how lighting. In pa now, getting ready to start growing again. Money isn't a problem. Thinking of going led? Any help on most efficient way to grow in a 4x4 would be greatly appreciated. Good seed companies?
  12. TheFertilizer

    Panama x Malawi - Probiotic & Organic Indoor Soil Grow

    I was waiting a while to start this journal, and then life just kind of got busy and I forgot to make a journal. So now I'm right on the verge of starting to flower these Panama x Malawi plants that are 100% sativa landrace, and also one Platinum Girl Scout Cookies x Cherry OG. I'm not really...
  13. T

    Need best LED light solution for a 4x4

    Hey guys wanted to know which light would work best for a 4x4 flowering. I was thinking of going with MARS reflector 196 but I'm second guessing that it won't be enough for 8 pots.
  14. higherthehigh

    How long do people veg for a 4x4 scrog? Got 5 plants

    hello everyone! just wondering how long i would need to veg for to make a nice 4x4 scrog? running 5 plants, going to top once then top again 1 week later. thanks!
  15. T

    TokéM0n's 400w 4x4 Tent Soil Grow

    Welcome to my journal! This is my first grow and started it about 20 days ago from seed. Right now I have 6 plants growing in a 4x4 tent under a 400w MH. The 6 plants include: White Widow (Received from a friend) 2x - Reg Mystery bag seed 1x - Reg Maui Wawi (Nirvana) 1x - Fem Critical...
  16. S

    4x4 tent - Mars Pro 320 - Ice Widow

    HEY ALL, BRAND new to this forum.... and just wanting some advice on my first grow. Sooooo I have. 4x4 tent. Mars pro 320 epistar. 6 inch exhaust fans. BioBizz light grow medium. fans to circulate the air. 10 x Ice widow seeds. Im hoping to at least get a pound out of all of...
  17. H

    400w LED 4x4 Apollo tent

    Auto ak48. 5 Fem haze #1. 5 Short Ryder auto 5 Bag seed 2 started 4-13-17 4x4 grow tent Fox farms soil oceans blend Mars ll 400 led Nutes - new menleniom winter frost
  18. O

    Designing an op for a 13x15 space

    So I'm trying to design a grow room for a 13x15 space. I plan on using the ebb and flow (flood and drain) system. I've only ever grown in soil before, so any advice on the flood and drain system would be appreciated. Also input on the types of strains that work best in a sog environment. Below...
  19. H

    Turtle Fur Coat's Count Down To The Flip! 6 Mix SCROG

    :thumb::thumb::thumb: Decided to start a second journal for my other tent of ladies. In here we've got 3 girl scout cookies, 2 blue dream, and 1 yogi diesel. All pushing their way through the net waiting for the HPS. Soil. 600 MH/HPS 4x4 tent 6" inline in, 6" inline pulling air out of...
  20. JimiLarge

    Jimi Large's 1st Journal

    Hello All! I've found reading everyone's journals here on 420 both informative & inspiring, so I thought I would do one of my own. Not my first grow (mainly outdoors) but my first indoor in a very long time. Tips and advice are welcome. Seeds/Strains - White Widow (fem) - Crop King...