Classic 1000 Watt HPS 4x4 Scrog Grow


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Hi my name is Bertabudz and this is my classic 1000watt 4x4 scrog grow journal!

For this grow I will be using the following:

-4x4 grow tent with a 1000w hps vented hood and MH (run the mh on 600w)
I run a T5 for seedlings and early veg.

- 2 cropkings black indica and 2 cropkings bubba kush

- growing medium wills be coco choir (first grow in coco) 20L fabric pots

- vented from inside the tent with a 8" canfan turbine. "Negative pressure" small 150cfm fan at the base. Temps averaged about 22c (71f) with 50 percent RH

- growing method will be a scrog 2 months on veg time and a 8 week flower.

-nuitrent line
Mostly advanced nutrients
Sensi coco grow, bloom A and B
Voodoo juice
Big bud
Mycorrhizae powder
H&g root exelatrator

The purpose of this journal is for me to learn so please feel free to message me or sub in if you have any tips or feed back! Or if your relatively new to growing like me (5th grow) feel free to follow aswell I chose everything in this grow (classic) 4x4 under a 1000watt in Hope's that someone with a basic set up can achieve a moderate yeild alongside me and learn together!
So I put 3 black indica and 3 bubba kush in to germination using the paper towel method. First I put them in RO water for 14 hours then onto the paper towel. All 3 of the black indica germinated and only 1 bubba kush so far. I think on next run I'm going go leave them in the cup of water longer as I think it softens the shell more.
So once germinated I planted the seeds directly into pure coco in solo cups I lightly sprinkled the holes I dropped the seeds into with mycorrhizae powered and watered them with pure RO water (my ppm pen and ph pen are not in yet so I dont want to introduce calmag and root exelatrator yet unless you guys think I should?) I then covered them with sandwiche bags and put them under the T5 At a distance of around 10".
I germinated 3 black indica and 3 bubba kush seeds from cropkings seeds, all the black indicas popped and are healthy. 1 out of 3 bubba kush made it and the one that did is struggling, it has a white tipped leaf and when it popped its helmet it cut the root. I bought a 5 pack of the bubba kush so I germinated the remaining 2 seeds, I followed the procedure to a T and those didnt germinate at all which is disappointing, I was gonna pick my favourite phenom and kill off the extra 2 plants as I'm only running 4 plants. So plane B is to run 3 black indica and 1 bubba if it turns into a healthy plant.
Here's a picture update I noticed some spots on two plants and they look kinda light. And the picture of the single bubba kush that popped with the white tip I mentioned above.


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Week 2 update:
Plants look pretty healthy still feeding at 250ppm ph 5.8
Sensi coco part and part be 125 ppm each
Calmag 150ppm
1ml/L root exelatrator
Once per week feed of Mycorrhizae powder
Starting tomorrow I'll do my first top and introduce B52 and voodoo juice


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Checked the plants this morning and seen this I cant find on the internet what it is could someone please help me on this one still feeding the same dose only thing I did was transplant


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Update: 38 days into veg I've moved the girls into the grow tent and have installed the scrog net in place I've up'd the ppm to 200ppm (the problem on the leaves was burning due to me pouring it over the leaves) the bubba kush plant (back left) is still stunted I can't figure out what it needs?


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Update: Day 43
I've installed the net at 8 inches of hight last week and have been tucking the shoots since, as you can see from the pictures I lollypoped underneath the canopy and did some defoliation in the canopy itself.

* Since the Bubba kush is underdeveloped and will not have the time to catch up I've moved it to the far top right corner of the tent and moved the bigger black indica closer to the middle to ensure I have a filled out canopy *


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So I've been battling a deficiency I couldn't quite figure out! At first I thought it may be not enough nitrogen so I gradually increased the dose until I noticed the burnt tips and leaves curling. Next I thought it may be root afyds, wrong again! So I reached out on this site and learned i had a PH lock out and a zinc deficiency! I am currently in the process of correcting the deficiency and PH problem. I assumed that advanced nutrients ph'd by itself but that is incorrect. It was at anywhere between 7.3 to 8.5. As recommended by Mr sauga I've been checking my ph and correcting it to 5.8 and watering twice a day I've already noticed change and will upload new pics once the girls a healthy again. Lesson learned do not be scared to post for help on this site so many people are so full of knowledge and ready to help I'm grateful for this site truly!

Plan for the next week

Once these girls are lush green and healthy I'll do a heavy defoliation and flip to flower stay tuned!


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