Hydroponic Gorilla Glue In A 7 Gall DWC Setup


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Welcome all to my new dwc gorilla glue from growers choice seed co . I'll b starting in a 3 gall bucket. Then to a 5 and in bloom I'll kick it up to a 7 gall bucket. The plan is to do a scrog I've never done a scrog but y not try I will be using general hydroponic master grow with calmag and grate white root hormes. I'm going to grow her with 2000 watts of led power and 150 of t5. I'll have a oscillating fan and humidity controller unit. Here are the specs on the seeds
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We’ve taken a modern crowd favorite and made it even easier to grow therapeutic, great-feeling and great-tasting cannabis! Our Gorilla Glue Auto-Flowering cannabis seeds feature the Diesel-backed genetics of popular Gorilla Glue #4 and our trusted and tested ruderalis strain. The result is a fast-flowering, automatic cannabis plant; an excellent choice for new and established gardeners, that will impress with its effects.
How Will Gorilla Glue Auto-Flowering Affect Me?
Growers Choice Gorilla Glue is a great option for any time of day – it offers just enough relaxation to keep you feeling loose and soothed, but not enough to put you to sleep. That means, if you have some things to do, Gorilla Glue will let you get them done while still delivering the relief you need.
Don’t plan for too much detailed work, though, since Gorilla Glue cannabis seeds will leave you feeling a bit euphoric in larger doses. Stick to small amounts to feel less of this famous marijuana trait, or just enjoy the deep relaxation it encourages, and the uplifting sensation that goes along with it.
Does Gorilla Glue Have Medical Uses?
The relaxing and uplifting qualities of Gorilla Glue auto-flowering cannabis seeds do offer some therapeutic benefits along with the obvious recreational ones. You’ll find your stress – and even some symptoms of depression – washed away after a treatment, your woes being overtaken by a sense of gentle happiness and – not surprisingly – a bit of hunger.
Gorilla Glue is quite adept at helping patients deal with minor to moderate chronic or acute pain, especially that of the neuropathic variety, and you might find the vestiges of the strain can help you ease into sleep if you’re headed there already.
Side Effects of Gorilla Glue Auto-Flowering?
We always recommend starting with small doses of any new strain, until you have determined your ideal amount. The 21% THC in Gorilla Glue can deliver moderate to mighty effects, depending on your tolerance, and if you go a little bit overboard, you might find yourself with dry eyes and mouth. Anxiety and paranoia aren’t too common with this strain, but practice caution nevertheless!
Growing Gorilla Glue Auto-Flowering Cannabis Seeds
Like most of our autoflowering strains, Gorilla Glue is easy to grow and makes a great first try for passionate people who want to try their hand at gardening their own medicinal or recreational cannabis strains (in states where growing is legal, of course).
After germination, auto-flowering seeds generally spend two or three weeks in the vegetative stage before transitioning to the flowering stage. Unlike regular seeds, you don’t need to worry about changing your light-to-dark ratio to prompt this change – the Russian-born ruderalis in the genetics takes care of this for you.
After about 60 days in the flowering stage you should be ready to harvest, and could wind up with up to 500 grams per square meter of fresh bud from an indoor grow.
Like all Growers Choice products, Gorilla Glue Auto-Flowering cannabis seeds are fully feminized, so you never need to worry about identifying male plants in your crop.
Happy growing!
She is in a 3 gall setup at the moment with ro water and general hydroponic rapid rooter and a splash of great white. The water Ian un ph'ed why because the plant doesn't need it yet proper ph helps with the uptake of nutrients. After the plant shows it's 3rd set of true leaves I'll start with ph water and a light nutrients and calmag mixture
Room temperature are 74*f with rh@ 53% lights are on 24/7 with a constantly oscillating fan blowing I'll b hooking her up to life support today right now she's growing static in rockwool and hydrotun I give her ro water with rapid rooter once a day
Working on something crazy stuff here for this grow

Trying to make a custome grow chart for all my chemical. This scrog grow is going to b crazy
Last night I added a 7 inch circle air stone in the 3 gall bucket and hooked up a whisper 3000 that's a deep water pump. Papers say it can produce a wall of bubbles up to 8 foot deep. (Recycled from my fish tank ) I've bin noticing a little leaf discoloration in my room so I started to investigate and realize that the reflective insulated wall panels actually absorb and hold heat and I had some leaves touching it and it transfers heat to the leaves and give it some kind of a heat burn on the leaf edges so if you're using the same product be diligent and keep the leaves off the walls FYI
@TurboBucket thanks to my friend turbobucket I've came to the conclusion that the master series General hydroponics mix at a quarter of the percentage will work for the gorilla glue I'm doing hopefully this will be an exciting and experiencing journey for all of us
No one ever responds to my Threads last I took my last 3 grows and didn't even post them no one reply But hey you can b there and watch. Really the only reason in doing it on here is because growers choice is following my grow and there going to b a potential sponsor for me if they see and like what I do Yes it's going to b dwc still I believe in going to hang the scrog and not hook it to the bucket then I'm going to keep the bucket raised and maybe put a pitcock on the bucket to drain it and then remove it and replace it
Amazing she is beautiful the tangerine dream she is light in color with a really refreshing smell and the buds are stacking so I'm going to switch up to a powdered bloom for the next 4 weeks then flush but I believe the critical purple will b done first. It's stacking heavy and has a breath taking aroma and has a setiva type bud stack going on the yeald will b smaller but the buds will b potent I've also bin thinking of starting a white widow. Or a blueberry kush along with the gorilla glue

I'm going to top her at the 3rd node and scrog the shit out of her prob definitely defoliation but truthfully I've never scroged so we will play this one by sight
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