2016 - Icemann420 Grow Journal - Unknown Auto Flower Fem - 5 Gallon DWC Setup


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This is my first Dwc grow. I'm using general hydroponic flora series. I have a five gallon res with hydrotin and a 10 inch net pot with two 3inch air stones and a 300 gal per hour adj air pump I'm useing 3 inch rockwool plugs. I have a 300 watt Mars led grow light has 100 3w epileds LEDs 9 band wave length full spectrum. Useing a closet 7ft high by 5foot wide by 4ft deep. Full reflective inside my bucket is also I do r have any fans or vents yet I'm useing 4. 2 ft t5 grow bulbs for seed starter. I'm ph my water at 5.8 -6.2 I'm still in germination faze day to I used the paper towl method to germ works very well this is my second try at germ I've bin very lucky with dirt but first rockwool germ fast then died I think from not ph my rockwool first so now I ph my rockwool to 5.8and it's sat for 12 hrs ph is stable I'm useing to water still need cal mag tho also have a ppm meter and dig ph
After 3 days of sprouting it has grown about a inch on top ad my tap root is now growing through the bottom or the rock wool so I put it in the Dwc setup running just plain water I'm going to continue this until my third set of true leaves are showing then I'm going to start the nutes and use my big led grow light I'm going to mix at 1/4 the org dosage and work my way up with weekly res changes till I'm at full nutes then I'll consider res changes every two weeks depending on my ppm and how stable the ph stays
My second week of growth I have my 3 true leaves and my roots have started to grow through my net pot the plant looks healthy I've started my nutrition at 1/4 Rec dosage I believe it was a good choice the plant has taken it very well. I'm using general hydroponic flora series master kit I believe the rapid start rooter is playing a positive effect on my plants rooting system. My room temps r constantly in the mid 70* to low 80* my Rez temp is 69* witch I think it's good through my readings. My ph has bin around 6 every day I adj it to 5.8 takes less then half mill of ph down. All is well she has really started to grow after interdiction of the nutrition I think these girls r going to b lovely now the big question is to Scrooge or not to Scrooge lol
Hope all is well in your world.

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All is well in the Dwc world plant is growing beautifully. After finding out new info on auto flower plants I kinda got uninterested but here goes. So we r at 6 weeks and about 8 inches tall I've bin bowl training and also toped the plant I have 7 tops now really crazy for the hight but I guess that's a auto flower. So I've learned that it's a highbread indica mix only grows 12-20 inches I was sad but it's currently in transition stage deff a femal it has hairs all over it and smells really well I've continued weekly water changes re root groth is amazing I've started a product called great white and really love it root groth has tripled in size I'm just a little worried about harvest time as it will b my first and was expecting a big plant so I really don't know if I want to continue with low rider seeds there is 4 more weeks on this grow but she smells really clean and nice. One of my biggest worries was nutrition and how to use them on auto flower I think I'm doing good I haven't hade any burn or root problems. I've decided to run another bucket with the same low rider seeds so I can produce more harvest I may start a 3 plant cycle for continue harvest. It's a rutural highbread mixed with a setive I've learned that all low riders can grow with 24/7 light never change cycle that was strange but I'm doing it haven't identified the type of bud but in the weeks to follow I'm sure she will start talking to me more. I'm still useing General hydroponic but I'm considering switching to 3 gallon buckets I Sean to b wasting a lot of nutrition with a weekly water change then I thought about water temp will b harder to keep cool with 2 gallon less so it's all learning from here but I'm happy with my setup

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Well I'm thinking the plant has to b a sour something from the smell still no issues growing well it's harvest month hoping for the best here is a pic o some frosty leaves

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I have a question I'm looking in new seeds I'd like to stick with outo and maybe also feminized I'm in the USA how safe is shipping really I've never ordered by my state isn't legal I don't wanna throw up any red flags on my name what do u think and and suggestions on seeds please and thank u

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Day 70 I'm coming into harvest month all is well with the unknown here's a pic from today

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Ok so I harvested my buds. It was 127 days my over all weight was 14 oz I choose them and hing them up to dry and after a week I put them in my jars to cure right now my weight has hit 5 oz I bought boveda 62% humidity packs to throw in the jars ill update after the curing process is over with pics about two months to left to go

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Seedsman, nirvana, and 420 ship to USA. It's safe worst that can happen is customs take them and you have to have the bank resend which they will. It's never the best idea to have seeds shipped to where a grow is. Best bet is to have it shipped to a trusted friend. Nice plant

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Thank u she was a beauty and smelled really fruity it was a really good grow and hope to have more

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Officially 2 months cure cracked open a jar taste and smells of fruit loops and is strong now the smaller nugs aren't as strong but all around enjoyable Really relaxing with a head high makes my eyes feel heavy so I'd say this grow was successful I'll b around with help and a answering questions thank everyone for your support and let's grow and live happily around the world

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