1. SebastianDoingBotany

    I'm New To Growing Hydro Did I Get Everything?

    Hello 420Magazine, This is a Marijuana DIY Deep Water Culture set up ready to go. This DWC was made to start my learning process of growing Cannabis Hydroponically. I want to share all my experiences with all of you on my way to becoming a Grow Master. Please leave me a comment and any ideas...
  2. xZenn

    First Time Grower: Indoor DWC Critical Purple Autoflower Grow Journal

    First time grower here decided to do a journal just in case I had any question's or if anything went wrong, I have a fair amount of knowledge after browsing the web for quite a while and very excited for this project. Material's used: - AgroMax 2x4 tent - High-Yield Lighting Timer Outlet - 1...
  3. niighaag

    DWC & LED - Autoflower Critical 2.0

    Grow Journal - By Niighaag To start of with this will be my first hydroponic grow I have been looking forward for this for a very long time. Ladies & Gentlemens.. Sit back and enjoy the journal, I hope you like it as much as I did making it. Heres what i'll be using for the grow 5...
  4. niighaag

    Beginner Grower: New Active User On Forum

    Hello y'all! First off I want to say that this seems like a great forum, and i've been viewing it for alot of time without registrated. Here's a little introduction of my life, sit back and enjoy the show. To begin with I've always had a sweet tooth for growing (all kinds of stuff) , ever...
  5. 60's Old Timer

    Just Back From the 60's

    New to the site officially, previously was just looking & reading. After 3 healthy soil grows I decided have a go at DWC. Getting my stuff together now. I'll be watching & asking. Glad to be on board from the start.
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  7. Blazinjones

    Blaze Blazes Through The High Seas Of Hydro DWC

    Strains: Master Kush, Blue Cheese, My Cross I made no name yet but it is Black Domina crossed with Hindu Kush Skunk Lights: x1 Growant G400 led, x2 Perfect Sun The Dwarf Star led, x1 after market 1000w cob led, x4 mars hydro mars300 leads, and last but not least x1 600w vipraspectra led Grow...
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  12. Rastaweedman4


    THIS is my first dwc grow and i know the basics only thing i dont have is hydrogaurd which i am going to get asap but there for now only thing is a little root rot which im using hydrogen proide to get that fixed also i have some kind of leaf problem idk i dont need to be maimed about how bad...
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  15. D

    My First Grow! DWC - GSC & Sour Sage - The Grow Tent

    Hi Friends! Welcome to my first grow! I'm very new to this, no experience infact. All the choices I make come from blog posts and YouTube videos. If you see me doing something obviously wrong, please let me know. On the other hand if you see me doing something right, I'd also love to know as...
  16. 4

    Water temps and PPM questions in DWC grow

    Im starting my first grow in both Coco and DWC Due to my research water temp should be kept around 20C, 60-65F I live in an area now temp around 5-15C, 41-59F So the water will get really cold during the dark I suppose? it's that gonna be a problem? Another question According to my...
  17. M

    New grower with some DWC questions - Please help!

    Hello, I'm planning my 1st ever grow and I have some DWC questions. Here's a description of my setup Tent: 3x3x6 Light: Phytomax 2 200 Seeds: Feminized White Widow and Feminized CB Dutch Treat from CropKingSeed Training: LST and scrog For my 1st grow, I want to take it easy and only grow...
  18. M

    MackMurder's First Grow - Moneymaker Strain - DWC Hydro Tent - Grow Plan & Equipment

    Hello to the forum. I've been doing heavy researching for months. A friend of mine did 3.7lbs dry on 2000 watts in a grow tent. He's got 20 years. I'm not expecting that. But I'm setting myself up for success and elimating any room for failure. In sure I'll have some. I live in a place where...
  19. Blazinjones

    Blaze Showcases The GROWant G5 OSRAM G400 Grow Light

    Ok folks Blaze here back at it again. This time i will be doing some autos done hydro style with a dwc bucket. This journal will be dedicated to my sponsor GroWant. They have sent me this amazing light the G5 G400 model. From seeing how the smaller one does in sweetsues garden i can only expect...
  20. C

    Rookie at this

    Whats goin on 420 my name capo they just passed the law in cali for recreational use wit is weak af but on the plus i get to grow my own weed legally this will be my first grow looking to go Hydroponic DWC im looking to purchase a 2ftx4ft tent, curre t culture solo dwc set up, 600w LED light the...