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  1. Random dwarf plant before harvest

    Random dwarf plant before harvest

  2. Random dwarf plant harvest

    Random dwarf plant harvest

  3. Random dwarf plant harvest

    Random dwarf plant harvest

  4. J Obadiah

    J Obadiah's Big Bud 2020

    Welcome to Obadiah's Garden!! Background: This year's garden is an extension and continuance of the grows I completed over the last four years (2016/17). Premise & Philosophy: My garden is probably different than most other gardens you'll see online because I go about things differently. 1...
  5. RedZedHead

    Cal Mag amounts for DWC and soil

    Hey guys, I've never used cal-mag before and I have GH cal-mag on the way to my home. I know my plants could certainly use it. However, none of the feed schedules I follow suggest any amount of cal-mag or suggest a supplement. Now I look to you guys to give me a solid ml per gallon estimate of...
  6. Greenthumbs42019

    GT42019 2nd Journal, Girl Scout Cookies, Seedsman & Budgetled

    Hey all, the start of this grow for me has been a little challenging to say the least. Going to try and make this more details than my 1st journal. What strain is it? Blimburn Girl Scout Cookies from seedsman Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages? Mostly Sativa Is it in Veg or...
  7. RedZedHead

    Fox Farm vs General Hydroponics: DWC Closet Grow Comparison

    I'm sure I'm not the first person to do a side by side comparison of these nutes This will be my second grow journal that will be mostly picture-based. All of the plants in this journal and their problems will already be discussed in my main journal, see link in the signature. But I wanted to...
  8. 95486098_626135697971641_6439479737164234752_n.jpg


    GG#4 in DWC 3 weeks in flower. She fills an entire 3x3 tent with ease.
  9. RedZedHead

    Enzymes or H202, or both?

    From my understanding, both plant enzymes and h202 (Hydrogen Peroxide) help in the process of keeping bacteria levels safe and to clear dead roots and material from the res. So I have flying skull z7 plant enzymes, but I also read about the beneficial uses of hydrogen peroxide. I added them...
  10. 2w dwc

    2w dwc

    Covered up block with pebbles
  11. Dwc tote closet

    Dwc tote closet

    Almost ready
  12. GH nutes and feed schedule

    GH nutes and feed schedule

    For my dwc tote
  13. djdmaze

    General Estimate of Yield By Veg Size

    Hey everyone, I am starting week 7 of veg from seed and was wondering about the general yield according to the size of the plant. I know this can vary by strain via its density and how it grows etc, but I have been reading this golden thread from @TheCapn who now seems to be a retired user of...
  14. 1w sisters getting along well

    1w sisters getting along well

    They still have to share space before i get more net pots
  15. 1w DWC baby

    1w DWC baby

    Just changed the res for the first time
  16. S

    What can I use in 1st week of grow instead of proper nutrients?

    Hi ! I'm awaiting for proper nutrients to arrive , two of my seeds already sprouted , what can we use instead ? The idea is to have those plants in DWC . I'm afraid they will not survive on clean water , please help !!!
  17. FlyingW

    Any Ideas?

    I'm running dwc and starting week 5 of flower. Any idea what might happening to the leaves? Thanks. Ph 5.7, water temp 68 degrees, room temp 78 degrees,
  18. 1w cbd in soil vs 4 day DWC

    1w cbd in soil vs 4 day DWC

    Already shooting past her. Apologies for the blurple light. I really don't want to move those heavy buckets XD
  19. 14 gallon Sterlite for DWC

    14 gallon Sterlite for DWC

    Waiting on net pots and clay pebbles, cant seem to find them in town
  20. Waiting for seeds lmao

    Waiting for seeds lmao

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