1. Tokin Roll

    A Push For Something More

    To start of welcome everyone to my winter DWC’s grows. Before I start, I want to send my deepest apologizes to @Prescription Blend nutrients. I won your nutrients line last year and fail to do a grow journal for your product, so this is it. There will be other sponsors named, but all of my...
  2. D

    My, My It's Strawberry Pie, Fast Buds Autos

    Time for another grow! This grow will be Strawberry Pie autos and the will be "high light". It's taken a while, three grows and a lot of reading and viewing, to adopt that approach. Over the course of my last grow, I finally allowed the data presented by researchers to overcome my following...

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  4. Chappie

    Taste The Rainbow Haze RDWC Adventure

    Hey all, it's been a minute since I've been actively posting on here but I'm back and ready for another grow journal! For this grow, I will be doing the strain: Rainbow Haze 🌈 from cks. Indica/sativa/hybrid: all the info said was high thc and a pretty balanced hybrid. Veg or flower stage: Veg...
  5. Weedkeiser

    Multiple Strains In DWC

    High all. First post. About 15 years ago me and my roommate tried to grow some Super Lemon Haze in our small apartment's sauna. I had a small veg CFL cabinet in my bedroom and the flowering was done in the sauna with a 400w HPS with no ventilation or carbon scrubber, just a table fan. We had...
  6. SuperLemonHaze GHS DWC

    SuperLemonHaze GHS DWC

    D89 FD47. 76cm tall. Was let grow out and wasn't happy with how she was growing. So I ended up taking all but 2 sets of nodes. She's grown out well. Was not the best of starts and was hit with root rot. Under control with h202. About another 20-25 days to go.
  7. DrBigP

    How to harvest a hydroponics cannabis plant?

    I googled it, i YouTubed it, I even change the words around like: weed instead of cannabis! Nothing explains it. So do I just cut the main stem, or hang it with the roots.? Generally I don’t like being the cause of its death. Plus think about it. hanging it with the roots gives that extra...
  8. DrBigP

    Why are the tips of my leaves turning yellow?

    Hi guys, firstly DWC is not an easy task, as easy as it looks. It’s not. It’s hard you’re dealing with water and chemicals. So this is what happened, i germinated the seed, all is good, 4 days later the roots shoot down into the res, sitting in the water while the air pump pushes bubbles up...
  9. CapnButter

    Mainlining: Should I do it?

    good afternoon beautiful people, I'm growing in my first dwc. just one plant for now. but I was thinking of mainlining but I don't know if its the best way to go about it. I also plan on trying to screen of green the plant and try and fill up my tent with just one plant. should I just top...
  10. DrBigP

    Does turning air pump/stone off at night increase DWC growth?

    Hi, first of all, I’m putting this out there cause I’ve been reading that people turn their air stones and pumps off at night to save them the stress of noise. Some people grow in their rooms cause of convenience or could be an increase of co2 (don’t know how that will help) co2 not good at...
  11. Verbalist

    Verb’s DIY Mini 1 Gallon DWC, Tangerine Dream Auto, Mainlining Experiment

    Verbalist’s dream, a Tangerine Dream! :ciao:Welcome!:ciao: ~ Tangerine Dream auto by Barney’s Farm ~ Type: Sativa x Indica Genetics: G13 x Neville's A5 Haze Yield: 500gr/m2Height: medium Flowering Time: 70 days Harvest time: end of October THC: 25% CBD: 1.8% Family Tree: Howdy! Had...
  12. DrBigP

    How to make a DWC air pump quieter?

    Hi guys, Just plugged in my “quiet” air pump for my next DWC grow. It was marketed as silent, good one. This things hums sounds like a freaking grizzly bear snuck into my tent and decided to take a nap. I appreciate my silence. Please help. Oh and using a sponge method does not work, tried it...
  13. PlanetJ

    Planet's Clone & Seed Spot, DWC, 150W CFL

    Strain information: Name: Super Silver Haze Breeder: Amsterdam Genetics Parents: Haze x Skunk #1 x Northern Lights Type: 70% Sativa – 30% Indica Taste: Skunk / Sweet / Citrus Effect: Energetic Headbuzz Flowering: 9 Weeks Strain information: Name: Jack Herer Breeder: Kera seeds Parents: Haze...
  14. PlanetJ

    Jack Herer, Kera Seeds, 60x60cm 2x2ft, DWC, 200w LED, T.A. GHE, ScrOG

    Strain information: Name: Jack Herer Breeder: Kera seeds Parents: Haze X Northern Light X Skunk Type: 50% Sativa, 50% Indica Taste: Haze / Spicy / Citrus Effect: Energetic Headbuzz Flowering: 8 Weeks Growroom setup: Space: 60x60cm (2x2ft) SecretJardin DarkStreet DS60 Lamp: 200w Secret Jardin...
  15. PlanetJ

    Super Silver Haze, Amsterdam Genetics: 60x60cm 2x2ft, DWC, 250w HPS, T.A. GHE, ScrOG

    Strain information: Name: Super Silver Haze Breeder: Amsterdam Genetics Parents: Haze x Skunk #1 x Northern Lights Type: 70% Sativa – 30% Indica Taste: Skunk / Sweet / Citrus Effect: Energetic Headbuzz Flowering: 9 Weeks Growroom setup: Space: 60x60cm (2x2ft) SecretJardin DarkStreet DS60...
  16. Three Blue Kings10-01 .jpg

    Three Blue Kings10-01 .jpg

    Canopy images 1
  17. Three Blue Kings 9-23c.jpg

    Three Blue Kings 9-23c.jpg

    one plant one 4x4 scrog
  18. diabolito

    Nutrient Burn: NPK only or micronutrients also

    I realize you can get nutrient burn from the main NPK elements, as they are in relatively large amounts in a nutrient mix. I'm trying to add some micro nutrients to my DWC and it's hard to find one supplement that covers it. I can add a couple of different types but I end up with too much of...
  19. Verbalist

    DWC & Soil: Verb's Purple Puncher Autos, Mars Hydro TS 1000

    :420: Verbalist ”Comparison grow” ~ Coco VS. Hydro VS. Soil ~ A quick introduction: Will be testing all three different ”standard growing mediums” with two different strains. Also this is my first actual grow using DWC, so a lot will be learned during this process. Also would like to thank...
  20. Verbalist

    Seedling before transplanting into DWC

    Hey! Any advices what should I do before transplanting seedling into DWC bucket? I put germinated seed into rockwool cube and seedling were kind of struggling to pop out, right now it has problems to stand properly. So decided to transplant the rockwool cube into net cup filled with clay...
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