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Well Lady's and Gent's, today is the day. Today I make my first grow journal. Long time reader, first time poster.

I have received my REPLACEMENT seeds from Growers Choice today and have decided to go ahead and start my journal (even tho I feel it's bad luck to start without having something break soil first). The replacement seeds is a 3pk of their Tangerine Dream Autoflower. I was having trouble germinating the last batch I bought from them (i always had great germination success, even in my very first closet grow). My original order was 5 of the T.D., 2 did not crack open, 2 cracked opened to show a tiny tip of a root but proceeded no further and the last one sprung a healthy root enough to plant, but sadly after well over a week since it was germ (to include today) nothing. So I'm going to chuck that up as a loss as well.

Upon looking at the seeds. I am not happy. Out of the 3, Only one of the seeds looks well enough to plant (middle seed in tube, dark in color with black stripes). One is completely immature- it is yellow, almost see through with a slightly softer shell than the other two (seed on left). The other isn't as bad as the yellow one but is still really light in color with no stripes (seed on right).

Needless to say I do not think I will buy from them again nor recommend them as these are the replacement seeds I received for the prior germination problems with my last order. Thanks.

But hey I have at least one good one to try and get going, before I order some more (from a different seed bank).

So here we go:
As stated the seed is a Tangerine Dream from G.C. A sativa dominant strain stated to have a medium size in height.

The set up I will be running is a 2x2x4 tent with a scrog (to be added shortly later on).

Lights will be (2) mars hydro 300w led. One to start, the second to be added later on as well.

The medium I have chosen for is a DIY DWC, using rockwool and hydroton clay pebbles. Buckets I have chosen are from home depot that I have sprayed painted black as to not let any light into it. The rest ordered on amazon since there's no hydro store near me.

As far as my germination process, I do what I always have and soaked the seeds in ph room temp water with a tiny drop of root booster(that part is new) for 12-24hrs until cracked, then into a wet paper towel in a zip lock bag. I then place the bag in my tent with the light on for warmth but under the spill-proof mat to keep the light off them.

For my nutrients I will be running General Ogranics GO Box. I have used this line since my first grow and had great success.
You know I thought about that but if they do germ by the grace of the canna gods then I'm screwed cause I really only have room for one in this tent since this strain is suppose to have a decent size. I'm following one journal of the exact thing and man she's like a fat girl squeezing into yoga pants
I subbed a while ago before the Mrs. and I got out for some wangs.:thumb:

Glad all y'all can join me for this run. It will be my first dwc. It will be interesting. Aka pain in the ass learning experience.
Oh sorry. I’m a little high.

Soak 12-24 hours and then I put in a wet paper towel until I see a tap root. I don’t do extended tap roots though, just a nub. I think I’m afraid of breaking it.

@BigBearNTexas I have broken a tap root and the seed completely stopped growing. That fear is well justified.
Bam! Newty’s here:)
@newty glad to have you please come on in.
@PhobosAnomaly here you go, it'll make that popcorn taste better :passitleft:
I subbed a while ago before the Mrs. and I got out for some wangs.:thumb:

@Bonsaiweed I saved you a chair front and center. Btw.. What is Wangs? From some reason I think Chung Wang but I feel that isn't right As I don't even know what chung Wang is lol.
Haha or have I...lol

I assume...everyone has a voice to me in my head;) all the people in the states have southern accents except those that live by Boston, they sound like family guy.

Al us Canadians sound funny too;) I say eh all the time
Lolol so I just said it in my head a few times and I was like ooooooh it does sound like wings. I dont know why I was thinking Chinese. Maybe I was hungry.
You didn't hear it, because you were reading it, not saying it in your head.

Tis ok. Many people from overseas probably thought the same thing, or just had no clue. :eek:
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