Icemann420 Grows LSD 25 From Fast Buds In DWC


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We’ll hello there again 420 family. So I’m starting another journal for my newest hydro grow. Welcome lsd 25. She’s a fast bud seed from Oregon elite seed co.


Crossing our autoflower genetics with the legendary strain LSD was no easy task. After years of R&D, we finally came across the perfect blend to bring to our fans. Our LSD-25 seeds produce high-THC, low-CBD buds with all the trippy effects of the original, but with the addition of purple coloring that make this the crown jewel of the Fast Buds strain catalog.
Taste & Aroma
Diesel & smoked wood. These harsher flavors will mellow out with proper curing, giving you a rich, full-bodied flavor.
LSD-25 Review
Make no mistake, our LSD-25 strain is a heavy indica-dominant hybrid, despite the trippy name. The body high will hit you first, but slowly, sativa influenced psychedelic mind expansion and thought loops will take hold. Smoke enough and minor visual effects will make themselves known. All these effects seem to last just a tad bit longer than most other strains, so, even if you're the king of THC, we advise a bit of caution. Psychonauts will find this strain well worth the price of admission.
How It Grows
LSD-25 is easy to grow and requires no extraordinary attention or care, making this a great variety for first-time growers. It'll forgive inexperience and mistakes, and offer you a lovely purple bouquet at the end. The stable genetics mean this strain will whither pH swings, light schedule changes, low or high temperatures, and irregular and feeding, and still give you the buds you're looking for. The one thing this LSD-25 strain needs a lot of is water. The strain is a real gulper whether your crowing in coco, hydro, or soil. Plants reach 70 to 120 cm in height (2.2 – 4 ft).
The LSD-25 yield will grow in response training, creating a plant with compact branches that'll grow massive buds when tied down. Eight weeks is all it takes to run from LSD-25 seeds to harvest, making its flower some of the fastest Fast Buds around. As seen in all the strains for sale in our catalog, LSD-25 is good for cultivation outdoor, in greenhouses, and indoor. She tolerates adverse soil conditions.
There’s a reason why this is our team’s personal favorite and will hopefully be yours too!
Here’s a rundown of my set up. I am using horticultural lighting groups 320 W quantum board XL lighting in an 8 x 8 x 5 custom built grow room with a portable air conditioner and humidifiers used as needed. I’m using General hydroponics flora trio. Micro grow and bloom with the added armor SI and Calemag plus. I’ll be doing weekly reservoir changes as we progress and age I’ll be switching to biweek. Micro grow and bloom with the added armor SI and calmag plus. I’ll be doing weekly reservoir changes as we progress and age I’ll be switching to. Twice weekly Reservoir changes I will start out in a 3 gallon bucket. Then move to a 5 gallon bucket. Then switch to a 7 gallon if needed.
8 weeks we will see my friends. I don’t start counting weeks until I have 3 sets of true leaves. And we can start the clock then. I’m going to use the master kit of general hydroponics. And set it up on a 8 week schedule.
56 day plant seams alittle unreal. But so far the growth in seedling stage is rocking. I have roots Protruding my rockwool cube already. So I’m going to set up a 3 gallon bucket with a 2 8 inch air stones. And a 6 inch net pot. I’ll add hydroton to back filll my netpot. Then here we grow again. Next will b my new sponsored Seedsman grow. Gelato and OG Kush cross. Making Gelatog
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