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Hey all,

Not sure how this will work out but I have some hope for it. I found this old "Cool Mist Humidifier" at a used store. Time to re-purpose to something that may prove useful. I plan on using it for cloning but am also planning on leaving a plant or 2 in it just to see how they fair. It will be on a timer to not drowned the plants. If you have any ideas or input on this here system jump on in.

I will start with the pics of the ole Humidifier.

Tunkers, I think we can get through it. Timer should be here this week I think.

Here are the numbers on the timer unit. I will add them here as they removed the direct link to the timer on amazon. In case others want to try one.

Part Number B2E-2R-220
Item Weight 8.8 ounces
Product Dimensions 29.5 x 33.5 x 13.6 inches
Item model number CECOMINOD004404
Picked up a small tote and drilled it for the net pots and collars for clones. Drilled hole in bottom to allow mist to enter chamber, tote will be tipped back a little bit so condensed runoff can drain back into humidifier for re-circulation. Think I am going to silicon the adapter on bottom of tote. The sealer don't seem real strong, not that it has to be but wish it to be better. Once the timer gets here then I can play with cycle times on the humidifier.

It all seems real simple, I think it will work.

Here it is sitting on top of unit, waiting on timer.
I just done a little trimming on the Kilimanjaro for 4 real nice clones. I topped it a while back and the 4 main shoots are going to be my madams for the upcoming show. I will grab 2 more from lower to fill cloner and just be sure I get 4 in the end.
Those neoprene collars sure do look like they'd keep the fog under the netcups.... Prick...

Looks great. Needs an airstone though .

Think I got them on Ebay, cheap. Could look up info in you like.

I got air stones and a pump, still in box. Plan to keep it there. :thumb:
Not yet. I did measure the capacity of the humidifier. Will be real easy to do the mix, holds exactly 2 gallons. Sounds like easy math, I like that.

If you search ebay for this :

BAY HYDRO 2" Mesh Net Cup Pots & 2" x 1/2" Inserts Combo U Choose ## $$ SAVE $$

Those are the ones I got.
Here are some pics with the wiring. Yes the wire color is all over the map but I think it can be followed if someone wants to. Works like a champ, now to figure out a cycle.

The girls checking out the new spa. I set the cycle for 1 on and 5 minutes off. It is straight distilled water. Planning to add mild nutes to it when I start seeing some roots.

Looks wicked. Confident in it's abilities. As for the timer wiring, straight over my noggin!

That wiring is a piece of cake bud. If you need some help just give a shout if you get one. That pic lays it out real good.
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