1. 4x4 set-up

    4x4 set-up

    4x4 with @Mars Hydro FC4800 @Mars Hydro 6in inline duct fan with carbon filter. 5 total fans. Humidifier and a dehumidifer along with a grow room standing AC unit.
  2. Hunter401

    Hello all

    I’m journaling my first real attempt at growing. Could you check out my most recent posts in my journal and give me a lil advice?
  3. 20211219_193310.jpg


  4. 20211210_123018.jpg


    Humidity domes installed. Only the best and finest equipment here. Tupperware!
  5. 20211210_114429.jpg


    3 Autoflowers directly into soil with the humidifier working full blast.
  6. J


    Hi everyone can anyone recommend a good humidifier
  7. 20210513_152019.jpg


    Humidifier Demineralization Bags. They didn't work for me. Granted, my filtered water is still considered high mineral content. Have these bags worked for anyone else?
  8. R

    Drying in a controlled environment

    Hi, everyone. I have what might be a complex question with a complex answer. Or it might all be very simple. Here's the situation, bear with me. Next to my house I have a small storage space, about 4L x 2H x 1.2W mts, that's about 13x6.5x4 in retard units. I used to grow in this room but I...
  9. OMGReptar

    Humidity Issues!

    I’m not sure what the cause of it is, but I’ve been having issues with high humidity recently. I’m about 4 to 5 weeks into my grow and this is the first time it’s happening. Humidity was staying around 55%, but now it’s always around 65%. I recently up-potted to 5 gallon pots, could that be the...
  10. R

    Question about cool air humidifiers

    I have a Holmes HM1745 humidifier, can this still displace distilled water into the air without the filter? Is the filter necessary to make this throw water into the air? Waters clean, I only use distilled so I'm not worries about air quality.
  11. WestCountryGrower

    What is the best humidifier for a 5 x 5 grow tent?

    Hi guys and gals, I flipped my plants yesterday and this morning when I went and checked on him. The humidity was insane. As my humidifier that I used does not have a auto turn on or turn off setting and I sealed the room off so that it would not get any lighting. This is not going to work. So...
  12. dbones

    Ram Humidifier For Hydroponic Grow Rooms

    Aloha y’all! I just got a “Ram Ultrasonic Humidifier” that says it’s made for Hydroponics Grow Room: I may be over-worrying but does anyone know if the green light it emits is okay to have on at night? It is a green light but it’s fairly bright? Anyone have any ideas on it is okay to have on at...
  13. N

    New Grow Set Up

    I will get some pics as I go but I could use some advice on how to set it up ( which tent to use which light in etc ) I have a 4 X 4 Opolite tent and a 5 x 5 Hydro Planet. Lights are a ViparSpectra PAR 700 G8 LED 90 watt 29471 REd Only ( flowering ) 315 Watt Ceramic Metal Halide...
  14. JustMeds

    Cool Mist Cloner JustMeds

    Hey all, Not sure how this will work out but I have some hope for it. I found this old "Cool Mist Humidifier" at a used store. Time to re-purpose to something that may prove useful. I plan on using it for cloning but am also planning on leaving a plant or 2 in it just to see how they fair. It...
  15. N

    My 1st setup

    Hello there. I just settled my grow tent. My set up is the following : Grow tent Budda Room 4*4*6.5ft (120*120*200cm). Hps light 600w with cool tube. Air extractor is a VK 125 with up to 380m³/h with charcoal filter. Air intake (forgot the brand ) up to 155m³/h. I also invested in a air...
  16. potanna

    Autoflower seed air humidity

    hey guys, i am growing autoflower plant for the first time, i dont know if it matters so here it goes i read that seedlings need like 80% humidity and as they grow, humidity reduces. I have an air dehydrator and i placed it in the grow room and put a bottle of water close to the filters so it...
  17. S

    Help - Humidifier has a blue light!

    Hi Just received a humidifier for my small grow area and it has a small blue led light, will this effect the plants when its dark time, am I going to have to turn it off or try and cover it up. I realise that i need the RD to be low when in the flower stage but to begin with when i first...
  18. T

    First Grow - 2 x 2.5 - LED

    Hey Guys, This is my first grow and if someone is interested in a smaller stealth setup. This is a Gorilla 2 x 2,5 with hight extension to 6'7. I am using a 300W LED as light and Can-Fan 125L with 4 speed switch and a Path/Rhino carbon filter. I also have two 5'9 clip fans and a humidifier. My...
  19. D

    Low humidity problems

    Hey guys long time lurker first time poster. Ive looked all through 420mag trying to find some thing thatll answer my questions but just cant find the right info so i thought ill just come out and ask you great people! Ive just started growing in my new grow tent and im struggling to get...
  20. K

    Tips to improve grow closet?

    Finally dialing everything in. However, I got my recent electric bill. $80 over what it usually is. I want to minimize this cost. I want to insulate the closet so the radiator will do less work, it essentially heats the whole room. As you can see, I have the radiator, humidifier, my...
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