What is the best humidifier for a 5 x 5 grow tent?


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Hi guys and gals, I flipped my plants yesterday and this morning when I went and checked on him. The humidity was insane. As my humidifier that I used does not have a auto turn on or turn off setting and I sealed the room off so that it would not get any lighting. This is not going to work. So wondering what you guys all use out there for humidifiers that have an auto on and off setting for proper humidity levels? This is my first grow. I have veg these ladies for a long long time and I would really like to do this flip, but I've been withholding the flip so that the plants would be as healthy as possible before trying to go to flower. . I appreciate all of your information and help.


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Not sure this will help you but I use my exhaust fan to maintain humidity and temp. My small humidifier runs 24/7 and the fan kicks on if my temp exceeds 78 or humidity hits about 60% right now. I use the ac cloudline off amazon. I love it.
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