50 Shades Of Green - Tunkers' Forest - Fog Shenanigans


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Before you continue reading, heres a list of the informative, instructional, educational things to expect from this or any of my grow journals:


Now that's outta the way, let the slaughter begin...


Didn't mean to, but managed to chuck exactly 50 seeds from my up the duff skunk red hair, known affectionately as Sal, "the shit spotted one", into a glass of rainwater and a pinch of seasol - the seaweed solution.

35 have cracked open so far, which is better then I expected. 24 are in a seedling tray, getting ready for some guerilla growing in the Aussie outback, and the other 11 are in netcups waiting for me to blow fog up their arses. (Sorry for duplicate pics, journal transition ya see)


One of the outdoor babies has risen for the occasion, 2 days since planting in potting mix.


Got drill happy without marking out holes and now I'm disappointed there is an odd number. Evens or multiples of 5 for me, or it don't sit right in the belly... Bugger..


15 seeds left to pop. I can see one has already, germ rate is looking great so far. Somethings bound to go wrong.
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