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Hi all,

This journal will be for the experiments myself and anyone else who wishes to share theirs here. I experimented in the past to build the Quad12 RDWC system and the fog cloner. I will be showing the good the bad and the ugly of things done to our plants.

A couple things I will be starting off with in this journal are the Raspberry Pi 3 and the Arduino Uno R3 I have to play with. Having never played with them I am greener then most who may read this journal. I encourage you to chime in and help myself and others figure out what we may be able to do with them in the grow room. I will be starting off real simple...LOL

I also have been playing with some of the KNF (Korean Natural Farming) ideas and am looking forward to see the effects.

Please jump in and humor in this journal is encouraged.
re: JustMeds R & D

Well lets get a little ground work down here. These gals were planted in soil on 10-29-17. They look like likely crash test dummies....

You're going to put baby vomit on your plants!? So gross.

And I'm curious about the leaf mulch. Did you sterilize it or does it still contain all the natural nasties from outside?

Do I smell patchouli? I think I smell patchouli. Have you gone stinky hippie on us? :hippy:

I like the sounds of your journal JM... but I think this is Wwwwaaaaayyyyy over my head!! You have used some acronyms and mentioned things I don't even have any clue what they are...lol! I think I'll stay in the bushes and watch... ..
From wiki... ##The heavy and strong scent of patchouli has been used for centuries in perfumes and, more recently, in incense, insect repellents, and alternative medicines.##

Sound like a possible IPM...Hmmm

Leaf mulch is dirty, if it was in it outside its in it now. Could be bad could be good.

Tunkers and Chris welcome.

Peece all the acronyms I think are from the Korean Natural Farming stuff, very interesting. I am sure I will be sacrificing some yield for quality, I am fine with that.
If you had some links to the articles I would like to look at them for sure. I am not saying this is the best thing going, it is a road I am going to take and see what may come of it. I am sure I will learn something along the way that I will be able to use on the next path.
You've got to know that I'm just having fun playing the devil's advocate. From what I read about the Korean method it sounds like valuable knowledge if you want to grow naturally, or if the global economy takes a massive dump and civilization collapses and we're left to grow our own crops.

My grasp of inorganic chemistry is tenuous at best, and I have no schooling whatsoever in organic chemistry so I'll def read what I can find on the KNF method. You never know what bit of knowledge will someday be beneficial.
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