Rider’s Final Grow: GCG BOEL Skunk x JohnnyD, aka Thaibodian Skunk


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One last foray into the world of growing. Nothing about my system has changed, nothing will change. I’m hoping during my time here I can make some new friends and reconnect with old friends.

The seeds are from Golden Coast Genetics and are a cross of BOEL ‘79 Skunk and JohnnyD, which is itself an old island cross of Thai and Cambodian sativas. I call it Thaibodian Skunk and it was a fav of my connoisseur friends. I value their opinions because I don’t smoke. I just enjoy the challenge.

I’m running Flying Skull nutes at 600ppm with just Micro and Grow, pH is at 5.6, water temp is 68F, ambient air temp is @72F, rH is running 50 to 60%, and VPD is hovering around 1.0kPa. Basic stuff.

Let the madness commence.



It’s weird to be growing again, but there’s something satisfying about trying to give the plants the optimum environment they need to flourish. I’ve forgotten so much! Even had to go back and reread my posts here to refresh my memory. The system and my brain have been idle for three years. When I’m done with this grow I’m going to dismantle the system and convert the space into a recording studio.
Just plugging along. This is the readout from two SensorPush sensors through their G1 Wifi Gateway. It’s nice to be able to see whats happening in the grow room by just picking up my phone.

That's a kick-ass grow room, Rider!

I'm going out on a limb and asking another question, just because I'm nosey. :Rasta:

A recording studio? Do you play instruments or just do recording engineering?
I’m seeing the additional nitrogen having a positive affect but there’s another problem showing up in the lower leaves of the middle plants. I don’t have a clue what’s causing it. Maybe a magnesium deficiency? Anyone care to give me your thoughts?

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