NuLife's - KindSoil - Raspberry Cough - Grow Journal - 2016


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Hi everyone, new female grower here, growing for personal use and hobby. I'm almost done with my first grow that I'm learning with Bag Seed it's in week 6 of the flowering stage in another journal you can find here: First Grow - Bag Seed - CFLs and LED - Soil - Closet

6/25/16 Grow Start Date of this Raspberry Cough Sativa Grow:
I'm growing Nirvana's Raspberry Cough Feminized Seed which is a predominately Sativa, which is an indoor Tall plant, with high THC and CBD.
Seeds started in Rapid Rooter plugs.
Closet Grow: 2' wide x 4' long x 5.5' High
Grow Medium: KindSoil (5lbs at bottom) and CocoLoco/Perlite mix on top in 5gal Root Trapper II bucket.
Lights: 300 Full Spectrum LEDs 40" away from plant. (size 8.3"x15.8"x2.4")
Nutrients: None - PH Water only 6.5-7.0
Room Temp: 77-79 Degrees 48-52% Humidity - Temps controlled with central air.
Watering: Weds & Sunday
No Pest: Used Amdro Home Defense Pest Killer 24 hours before starting grow.
6/25/16 Placed seed in Rapid Rooter Plug and placed in bowl on top of heating pad, with dome on top with ph water to keep moist.
6/28/16 Day 3 Germination, Seed sprouted.
6/29/16 Day 4 Root started to pop out of the bottom so I planted Rapid Rooter Plug into the KindSoil/CocoLoco/Perlite Mix. (Again, KindSoil at bottom of pot and CocoLoco/Perlite Mix at the top pot. I planted the Rapid Rooter Plug in the CocoLoco/Perlite Mix at the top. Kept it damp, and placed under 300w Full Spectrum LED Light 40" above. 24 hours Light Schedule.
7/13/16 Grow Closet set-up with several different plants, Two 300w LEDs. Mylar walls, Raspberry Cough in KindSoil is in the White Root Trapper II pot on the right front side.

7/16/16 Veg Stage Week 2 - Will now switch to 18/6 Light Schedule (The first 2 weeks has been a 24 hour light schedule)

7/17/16 Veg Stage Week 2 - Water Day PH 6.94 in 6.75ish out 2ltrs, started lights out today, 18/6 light schedule started.
I'm growing the same. On my second grow, doing full hydro DWC under 200w led had a few hiccups first time but you get that.

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7/20/16 Veg Stage Week 2 - Water Day with ph 6.85 in 7.03 out. This plant does not get any nutes. KindSoil has what it needs so I just have to water. I'm still tweaking ph on this plant though due to the face that I'm find different info. Originally based on one particular website, I didn't ph the water, I just used tap during seeding. Then I read KindSoil's website and it said ph 6.5-7. So I started watering at 6.85. Now I found different ph levels on their Amazon post and on the product purchase page of their own website that states 6.2-6.8. So when I water on Sunday I will lower the water even more to 6.5ish. Nothing like inconsistent info. lol

7/26/16 - Veg Week 3 - Gave myself a heart attack today trying to do a Topping and Manifold Training Technique. I topped at the 3rd node, then cleaned everything off below. Seemed heart breaking cutting how beautiful she was getting, but I have seen this training give great big colas. Let's see if I can do it.

I'm going to try this topping method on my next grow. I'm not doing it on this one as I'm trying to rush it a bit and topping slows down the grow.
I've seen videos of this method and it produces a serious canopy with lots of fimming and lst.
Have fun.

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7/27/16 - Veg Week 3 - Water Day with ph 6.30. She bounced back from the topping and mainlining yesterday.
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