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Anyone ever grown any strains that have had pink or purple pistils growing along with normal coloured pistils ? This is my first time with some colour showing this early on strain is Amherst sour d ..... they’re on week 2 of flower I don’t count first week .... running cx horticulture nutes line and under a 600w hps ya the moment .... only 2 of 5 have these purple pink hairs so I think they’re Gna be the same pheno but the others have not and look more Sativa like in the leaves any info on strain is welcome



many strains have the prettiest coloured pistols these days,, red, purple, and some the prettiest pinks

all good, and oh so perty,,

enjoy it friend
They were a gift from a good friend . The seeds came from Mich. I was out of seeds and my friend hooked me up w/ quite few different breeds . That got on the road to getting to buying good seeds , not weed. My friend has been paid back .We are good friends & fellow cannabis grow brothers .
You will see some odd things from time to time as you investigate different varieties. I was shocked the first time I grew Tangerine Dream, to find triangular bright orange trichomes!

as chris scorpio would say,, pics or it didn't happen
very nice indeed

if only I had a USB wifi microscope back then! The buds sure were beautiful though1

very nice indeed
Critcal cure, bright orange, smelled like Fruity Pebbles, smoke was sweet. WILL be running this strain again!

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