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  • Hey Harry,I know you've been gone for awhile now but if you ever come back I wanted you to know that I was thinkin of ya man. ;) `Minus
    hey harry just stopped by to say great growing on your journals man what a green thumb you have .It has inspired me to go from hydro to soil I like your soil combo any sugustions
    Thanks minus. Yes, all is well.. Just been very busy and haven't really had the time to update my journal or hang around as much as I'd like. It's that time of year, I guess. ;)


    Thank you Harry.... I am enjoying yours aswell.. I can't wait to see the crosses.. I'll be expecting to see a monster Indica from you here soon... Peace to you, my friend...
    No problems Doc!!

    You've got a great grow there and the reps were well deserved.

    Looking forward to a :smokin: report!!


    Thanks, I'm still having some issues, but hanging tough :) I just harvested northern lights x shiva and crimea blue from Barney's Farm. I didn't get any pics of the plants but I'll take some of the cured buds.
    Hi 4204all,

    I've been wondering where you've been. Hope you are felling better!!

    I'm looking forward to your next grow.


    Hey Harry,

    I've been away for a while for medical and other reasons and wanted to say hey! I can't wait to catch up on your grows.

    Sorry to hear that Minus. Maybe you can get a wireless (3G) or satellite connection at your new place. I hope to see you on here again soon.

    Peace to you my friend and I wish you all the best going forward!!


    Well,I'm moving Harry.No high speed where I'm going.Was a pleasure to meet you man.Maybe I'll be back someday.Take care of yourself man and keep up the good work. :) Until then this is Minus out.....
    Thanks and glad to see you back Minus. Sorry it took so long to respond. Somehow I missed this. :smokin:

    I wish I could go outdoors. Those were the good ol' days. :)

    Sometimes, I think I just want to sell everything I have and move way off down in the woods somewhere. I'm just too used to modern conveniences, I guess.

    I'll be looking forward to watching your grows for sure.


    Hi Harry!Well I'm back on the site regular now.I got a bit busy and hadn't been on regularly.
    I know I said I wasn't going to journal this tron grow but I decided to anyway.
    Yes,I'm still doing it my way,lol,but with a bit more knowledge this go round.
    Still using the same things but with MG ferts now.Yeah,I know but it worked so well for me last time I figured what the hell.
    Spring will be here soon and then it's on.I have a bunch of different locales(outdoors)and I will be keeping a journal of that adventure as well.
    So glad you're on the boards Harry,you are inspiring and a nice guy to boot.
    Grow on brother! ;)
    Okay I remember now. You use the FF. Thanks. Amazing grow dude. Hey can you do me a favor and post that link on my page otherwise I'll forget about it lol.
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